10 Best Travel Photography Tips That You Should Follow

There are several travel photography tips that you should definitely follow for maximum fulfillment and achievement of your goals. Travel photography is a specialized art in itself and you should definitely go deeper into the nuances of the same before anything else. Without further ado, here’s taking a look at the top tips to be followed by you:

1.  Always Have Minimal Baggage – Remember that travel photography is closely linked to nature and is really exciting but you should refrain from taking all of your equipment since this will lead to hassles like baggage allowances and other costs of insurance. You are better off simply hiring equipment or traveling light. You should always travel light and this is one of the best tips for travel photography worth remembering. Have one body, a mini compact, lightweight mini tripod, flash unit, lenses, memory cards and a durable storage bag that evenly distributes all this weight while ensuring protection from moisture, cold, heat and even sand!

2. Select suitable lenses – You should always spend some time in picking the right lenses for your trip. In case you have room for just a single one, choose a fast zoom like 18-200 mm or 28-300 mm among others. In case you have more room, you can take a portrait prime lens, tele photo (70-200 mm) or even a wide angle lens (10-24 mm).

3. Choose the right mode for shooting – Taking pictures in JPEG Fine and RAW will help you get more flexibility but you should have capable memory cards. This is another of those photography travel tips that will help you immensely. Download images to a storage device/laptop each night so that memory cards can be freed up.

4. Note Taking – Every night, take out some time and pen down the day’s experiences and whatever you shot in a journal. This will help you when you wish to create a photo calendar online or even other photo gifts online. This will help you label photographs with keywords and descriptions. You can also have small sound bites added to some photographs in case your camera allows the same.

5. Do your homework – Go ahead to the local tourist information centr––e and ask for recommendations on the right locations to shoot. Explain your photographic style and ask whether any local guides or fellow photographers are available in the area. Check out postcard and souvenir stands to get an idea of the local attractions that might appeal to you. Do your homework before hand by reading up about the place.

6.  Seek Portraits – Travel photographers should have the confidence to ask for portraits when there are interesting subjects who blend nicely into the environment. There are chances that you may be refused but many people may also agree. Be polite and always have a smiling face.

7. Keep safety on your mind – Stay alert and remember that in your quest of the next big table calendar documented through photographs, you should not end up risking your basic safety. Always check for chances of violence and other issues. Take ample travel insurance for yourself and your belongings before making any trip. Pay more for anti-theft bags and solid locks. Always have a list of emergency numbers on your person and be careful where you store your cash.

8.  Innovate – Try and think out of the box for your photographs. Focus first on the basic and classic shots and then unleash yourself bit by bit.

9. Research on the location – Before making travel arrangements, do some research on the major festivals celebrated in the particular country, its traditions, national holidays and other landmarks. Visiting during special times can help you get fabulous images.

10. Use your pictures suitably after the trip – Visit Canvera to print out your photographs digitally into calendars, canvases, posters or even Youbooks and Sharebooks. Make your own portfolio or travel photo book. Store your photographs safely and in multiple places.

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