10 Budget Friendly Travel Tips

Bitten by the travel bug but don’t have enough money for holiday? Here are some of the ways through which you can travel without troubling your pocket. Though, some expenses like buying a travel insurance policy are unavoidable, there are other expenses which you can cut. Now, lets know how –

1. Define your travel priorities – What is your purpose of travelling? it is necessary to get the answer of this question before you start leafing through brochures or browsing online. If you’re not interested in accepting anything but a top-shelf experience, you should first save for this before taking a plunge. On the other hand, if your main priorities are to learn more about history, experience different culture or unwind yourself, you can likely achieve such goals without shelling out more money. So, first define your vacation goals, which can be anything from below –
•    Experiencing a different culture
•    Trying new cuisine
•    Relaxing
•    Visiting a particular location
•    Learning new skills
Once you have decided what you want out of your vacation, it becomes easy to focus on how to accomplish it. If you’re looking for a beautiful cultural experience, staying in hostel and eating at local joints might not only be cheaper but could also be a good way to soak yourself in culture. Defining what you want from your vacation can align your expectations.

2. Decide your travel budget – Planning the entire vacation without considering budget in mind can be dangerous for your financial health. It’s hard to ignore cheap fares, rave hotel reviews and different tourist attractions, however, you could easily end up overspending without even realising it. By considering your current personal budget and looking over fixed expenses and other costs, you can find out where there Is a little wiggle room available for a holiday or not.
If you are taking the help of internet to find the right travel package yourself, set your budget while making online search. It will also restrict costly search results from appearing.

3. Travel during the off-season – If you don’t have any fixed travel dates, you can save a ton by simply travelling during the off-season. Though, tourist season varies with location, travelling during weekends or summer, means shelling out extra on airfare and accommodation. During summer, travelling to hilly areas can prove costly, similarly, children-friendly places will usually be busier when schools are closed. So, choose your travelling dates carefully and you will have less crowded places and less stressful experience.

4. Search for hotel alternatives – What’s more, some-of-the-beaten-path hotel alternatives might also help you cut travel cost. Here are some of the alternatives to hotels which you can explore –
5. Hostels – Though, you may have to share your room with other travellers, it is an affordable and the best way to make new friends while you’re there. Because hostels require you to share space with others, they work well if you are travelling solo or travelling in a group instead of a family.

6. Vacation Rentals – Houseowners rent out their homes to travellers when they are not using them. Often equipped with amenities like kitchen, backyard, living space, etc.; you can opt for vacation rentals if you are travelling with a family and save money by cooking your own food.

7. Stay with friends or relatives – If you have a friend or family at a destination where you are planning to travel, call them, and ask for a favour. Not only you will be able to save hotel costs, your friends can probably give you tips on things to explore.

8. Couch surf – It boils down to staying at someone’s house instead of staying at hotels. Couchsurfing connects travellers with homeowners who are willing to offer a room, bed or couch. It is a great way to cut price and works best if you are travelling solo or with one person.

9. Book last-minute deals – Though, it may require some flexibility on your part, last-minute trips can make travelling lighter on your bank account. When gunning for last minute deals, remember sometimes the cost wins over the destination. So, such types of last-minute deals work well for those who just want to travel and are not very fussy about destination. However, last minute hotel, cruise or airfare means you would have to leave within 24 hours of booking. Since hotels prefer to go with full booking on weekends, you can save more money by including Saturday in your travel itinerary.

10. Buy travel insurance – Believe me ‘this’ one expense will ensure that you don’t need to shell out money during travelling in case unforeseen situations like loss of passport or baggage, personal accident, flight cancellation/delay arise. Even if it is a leisure travel, accidents can happen, so, it is necessary to go with a comprehensive travel insurance which will ensure that in case of any mishaps, the insurer is there to share your financial burden. You can save money further by buying travel insurance online in a few mouse clicks.

When you buy travel insurance online, the insurer saves on paper administration and policy issuance costs which are then passed on to policyholders in the form of cheap premium rates. Moreover, you can make a systematic comparison between all the available travel insurance policies to find the one that offers you the coverage you are looking for at a premium which you can easily afford. Also, getting travel insurance quotes online is instant and easy. You would only need to give details like your date of travel, destination, age, and the number of people travelling and you will get multiple premium quotes obtained from various insures. The entire process doesn’t take more than 20 minutes and a couple of minutes for transaction. So, buy a travel insurance before taking a flight and that too online!

You don’t need money to travel, in fact, budget-friendly travelling is the best way to experience local customs and culture which otherwise you would not be able to do by sitting in a luxurious hotel and travelling in chauffeur-driven cars instead of public transport.

So, settle in and start exploring the world by exercising travel tips without breaking your bank balance. Bon Voyage!

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