3 Kitchen Products I Never Thought I Would Find In My Trip To India

As an American, traveling to India can be quite an experience, especially for folks who aren’t accustomed to walking through broad, crowded places. While many books and movies might tell you that this distant and exotic place can be dangerous in terms of how food is cooked, the fact is that few cooks are as hygienic as Indians.

Indian cuisine is original, spicy, and delicious, but it does take a bit of commitment to get used to it. If you don’t like condiments, in general, you need to think things through as there’s a high chance of you dropping some pounds if you travel to India. Literally all dishes have some sort of spice in them.

Here are three products that an American can be surprised to come across in an Indian kitchen. Usually, most cooks are somewhat traditional and use their hands to make chapati and a variety of other foods that will sweep you off your feet. Others, however, have adopted technology or have simply realized that these appliances make their lives a whole lot easier.

1. Air Fryers

Encountering this appliance in India is a real surprise. Air fryers have been around for several years now, but they’ve recently become popular in this country, as well as others. The classic model that can be found both on Indian and American countertops is the Philips Viva Collection HD9220.

Some folks like to argue that getting a special appliance for French fries and other dishes that are normally prepared with a lot of oil is counterproductive because many models are capable of baking instead of really frying. In this respect, you could just as well get a convection oven and be done with it. However, many consumers say that they have tried this gadget and it actually works if you’re resolute on living healthier.

2. Waffle Makers

Indian desserts are deliciously decadent. Some, like Gajar Ka Halwa, contain lots of condensed milk and nuts, while others like Sandesh, are made with cardamom, saffron, and cottage cheese. While some desserts take hours to prepare, others are far simpler.

Waffle makers have also seen an increase in popularity over the years, and that’s because they are incredibly easy to utilize. Most modern models come with nonstick cooking surfaces that enable owners to clean them conveniently and efficiently. It goes without saying that such an appliance can assist you in providing your family with a delicious treat without making a lot of effort.

3. Tortilla Makers

You wouldn’t expect to find a tortilla maker in an Indian kitchen, but it’s another appliance that seems to have become sought after. There’s nothing stopping you from using the device for chapati, if you aren’t too keen on preparing Mexican tortillas. We suggest you give them a try, though, especially as tortillas are made with corn flour and are easily digested compared to any roti made from white flour. Plus, if you have any leftovers, you can always whip up an amazing tortilla soup.

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