5 Amazing International Destinations to Treat Your Wanderlust

With 2017 coming to an end and winter at your doorstep, travellers must be busy shortlisting their next destination. It sounds tempting to plan your New Year by exploring different places. This time, why not go international? If you agree with us, let’s know about some amazing international destinations to treat your itchy feet and curious eyes!

Bali – the Living Postcard

This Indonesian paradise is surely a treat to your eyes. One can enjoy the sunrise on a stretch of white sand, or interact with the tropical creatures while diving along coral ridges or witness the mesmerizing colourful wreck of WWII warship. On the beach, the lush forest shelters, stone temples, and naughty monkeys will be your attraction. The “artistic capital” of Ubud is famous for traditional dance performances that will surely prove your visit worthy. A batik or silver-smiting workshop should surely be on your to-do list there or you can revitalise your mind and body with an intense meditation in yoga sessions.

Extra Shot: As monsoon season is over there, this time is perfect for water-sports. One can enjoy sunny weather with 86°F during the day. For those who love culture, the good news is that rice harvest is celebrating in a grand manner where you can experience great Balinese culture. Also, with all essentials, we’re sure you travel with valid international travel insurance. If yes, make sure your online travel insurance covers any eventuality abroad.

Mauritius – Living the Dream

Once you’re there, you’ll be living your dreams. This place is Africa’s wealthiest destination with tons of activities to do. At Port Louis, the capital of this astounding place 38-mile by 29-mile island, you’ll see regular bustle with a revitalised beachfront and busy market. Most of the travellers settle towards resort areas, such as quiet Trou-aux-Biches, Mont Choisy, etc. For those who love deep-sea fishing, Rivière Noire is an ideal choice.

Extra Shot: Temperature is comfortable with 75°F and expecting little rain. Don’t miss on winter wears, as temperature may drop at the higher altitude. Northern and Western parts of the island generally stay warmer and drier; so, plan your stay accordingly.

New York – the City that Never Sleeps

New York is always on the hotlist, be it a luxury trip or business one. However, it is next to impossible to cover New York in one visit. So, if you missed on something during your last visit, here’s is the next chance. The must-see list includes- the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This time, explore off the trodden path by visiting the Cloisters or one of the city’s libraries. Go offbeat with bohemian shops of the West Village or explore delicious foods at the Upper West Side. Grand Central Station’s ever crowded market will give you a literal taste that the place has to offer.

Extra Shot: Plan your trip before March, as the weather this time is so unpredictable. A sudden snowstorm could ruin your visit. That said, always do visit with warm clothes and a hand bag carrying an umbrella and other essentials. In the worst scenario, when you’re in a wardrobe bind-don’t panic- the city is famous for offering world’s best shopping. In case you’re visiting for a business purpose and thrilled to explore the city for the first time, don’t allow anything to dampen your excitement; make sure you’re covered by a group travel insurance policy of your employer.

Tokyo, Japan- Tradition Collides with Pop

This is heavenly when you feel tradition merging with the pop culture. Tokyo, the capital of Japan, is worth exploring for obvious reason. Before hitting the karaoke bar, exploring the reverently ancient temples is a must there. The fish auction at the Tsukiji Market is worth a visit before sunrise, a long walk underneath the cherry blossom trees alongside Sumida River. Grab some peace while sitting in the mesmerising East Gardens of the Imperial Palace and know as much Japanese history at the Edo-Tokyo Museum as your brain can store. Your to-do list is incomplete if you don’t try food items, such as sushi, wagashi, udon noodles etc.

Extra Shot: You can plan your trip anytime except May when four national holidays come in a row and the place becomes packed with tourists. Hotels rates are sky-high due to many locals prefer vacationing this time and business may be shut.

Hawaii – Home to Volcanoes

Famous for active volcanoes, the only living royal place in the US, Hawaii is like blessings on the earth. If you wander to explore this heavenly place, here is what you can do – discover the glimmering sea, bright green valleys, and golden sands; get mesmerised with the spiritual beauty of Hula and explore how the warmth of Hawaii’s locals wonderfully complement to maintain islands’ perfect temperatures. Hawaii islands are truly an adventurer’s spot from surfing to snorkelling. If riding the waves is your dream, there’s no better place than this. Also, commune with tropical fishes, witness eagle rays and green sea turtle while walking underwater – the 1,200 miles scuba diving of coral reef is a lifetime experience.

Extra Shot: If you want to avoid high-crowd season, come by April, May, September, and October. April season sees heavy rainfall so plan accordingly. It is one of the wetter months though, best for watching Whales in the oceans.

Wrapping Up!

The word ‘travel’ has a spark and comes with lots of excitements and experiences. Well, if you have no intention to spoil your New Year by idly sitting at home or boozing, then start packing your bags, book a flight, and head for one of them. Safe journey!

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