5 Best Reasons to Wear Handloom Sarees

A saree has always been around the fashion landscape. Be it a wedding or a religious ceremony, a saree brings along the special touch that is required to complement the feel of that occasion. However, a salwar suit or lehenga is super-convenient to wear but is it the key wedding style you are looking for? Can a lehenga steal the thunder of saree? We don’t think so! If this wedding season, you are the bride-to-be or attending a wedding and looking to go on the shopping spree to find the perfect outfit for the wedding, we give you 5-reasons why you should be wearing a traditional handloom sarees instead of opting for another look!

‘Saree hai sada ke liye’ or as we say,a saree is forever!

Unlike other fashion trends, a saree never goes out of style or fashion. A saree ages like a fine wine and the years, if anything, add beauty and a dash of class to its beauty. A saree evolves into a vintage treasure as the years pass it by. Since saree stays on the fashion circuit, you never have to even worry about staying updated with the current trends. Moreover, it becomes the prized possession that you would like to give to your daughter and your daughter would pass on to hers. The handloom sarees online turns out to be the unbreakable bond that makes the most pious of a relationship even stronger.

A saree is a versatile outfit.


It is quite impossible to get bored with a saree. You can pep up your look with jewellery, accessories, a different hairdo or a new blouse. You can wear your traditional handloom saree in a different style, every day! Flaunt the ikkat pallu in a Gujarati style pallu or wear it in a traditional style to grace a family occasion. Show off your statement blouse with a neck drape. Elevate your style quotient by completing your look with a crop top or wearing a saree with a belt! The fusion saree style lets you redo your ethnic wear without costing you a penny. If this still doesn’t cut for you, you can always refashion your saree into a tunic, a dress or an Anarkali!

Besides, you can wear it to any occasion. An Indian saree is age-appropriate and goes for every occasion. Be it from desk to drinks, from work to leisure or from boardroom meetings to board games, you can wear a saree with the same aplomb, work the entire day and shake a leg – nothing is impossible for you, the gorgeous, saree-clad superwoman!

A saree flatters.


That’s what essentially it does. When having a particularly dull day, wear a saree to your work. Let its magic unfurl as you twirl. It lends you a sexier silhouette and makes you look like the diva you are! You don’t have to go on a crash diet weeks ago to fit into it! Isn’t it such a relief!

A saree lets you be you.

Don’t lose yourself in the crowd. Instead, stand out and be the quintessential Indian woman who knows how to embrace her culture while showing off her modern side. Wear a kanjivaram silk saree with a sports jersey or a button-down shirt. Team up your cotton saree with a denim jacket! Why not wear a saree, when you can do so much with it!

A saree ticks all the boxes.

Wearing a saree is a win-win. You get to be you and your mother is going to be extremely happy seeing her little princess donning a saree! It lets you be traditional without letting you leave the very essence of being you!

So, ladies, give it a thought. You can do so much with a six-yard stunner. It is for you today and tomorrow as you weave beautiful memories to be reminisced about.

Why only a handloom saree?


When you buy a handloom saree, you support the handful of weavers that are struggling to maintain their art alive amidst the industry loom and people are turning away from the tradition.

A handloom saree is crafted with hands. This human touch makes it unique. Of course, they demand a bit more care than an industry loom but once you have taken care of its washing and maintenance instructions properly, it is going to be you with you for the years to come. So, it is a wise investment that is going to give you returns in the long term.

It is also an eco-friendly choice. Unlike industry looms, the handloom saree weavers don’t use chemical dyes to print or carve the motifs. Only natural dyes derived from turmeric, flowers and leaves are used to colour the fabric and prints. These don’t pollute the natural water bodies. If you are an environment-conscious person, a handloom saree seems to be the way to go.

Contrary to the popular belief, handloom sarees are not limited to the artsy and bohemian looks alone. You can find a range of Kanjivaram, Banarasi, Chanderi, Maheshwari sarees in silk and silk-cotton to give you a wow-worthy look! Whether you are the bride or the BFF, these handloom sarees let you score ten-on-ten both the style and value!

So, ladies, do you still need a reason to not try a handloom saree to attend a wedding? Why not buckle up and give it a try? Start with this wedding season and make it a regular in your wardrobe!

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