5 Best VPN of 2018

In order to secure access to the internet sources, Virtual Private Network software was introduced into the market. The service was primarily developed for commercial companies, but the benefits of it were so evident that private users started to activate VPNs as well.

Virtual Private Networks enable the users to facilitate their online experience. VPN program ensures better Internet connection, including secure access to restricted websites. You can find more information on bestvpnrating where the top VPN for India are presented.

How to Make the Right Choice on VPN


The majority of VPN services are offered for free. However, a small price of several dollars per month gives a chance to take advantage of the very best VPN services.

Before you decide what VPN to download, you should think for what needs you want to download this software. Here are some consumer requirements that can be met with the Virtual Private Network service:

● Access to the website in a specific geographical area. Very often the governments restrict access to certain websites. If the person is in such a country he can only get access using an IP address of a different country, that does not restrict access.

● To avoid advertisement. Some commercial companies ignore privacy of the users and send tons of ads. There are VPN programs that aim to filter the ads. They simply hide access to the user’s search results from commercial companies. The companies are disabled and can’t get information about the users’ preferences.

● Advanced gaming experience. Just choose the right VPN service. Facilitation includes speed of connection to the server and access to geographically restricted games.

These are the main advantages of VPNs. Before you choose a particular software, decide in what way the VPN can improve your internet experience. Here is the list of the best VPN services:

● Nord VPN.
● EXpress VPN.
● Cyberghost VPN.
● Pure VPN.
● Avast VPN.

Choose one of these VPNs, and you will get an advanced internet surfing experience. Each of these services is offered for a rather small fee. Monthly subscription price decreases as the user takes longer contract obligations.

The Main Advantages of the Top 5 VPNs

Each of the Virtual Private Network services has its specific advantages. It is a good idea to analyze them before getting subscription. Here is a short overview of the Best VPNs of 2018.

1. Nord VPN

● This programme offers advanced security. All information is totally encrypted. Security is improved with the double tunnel data flow. No hacker will be able to get the data.
● The user is assigned Panama IP address. Panama IP address is very advantageous as the country is out the American or EU legislation reach. That means the user can access any website around the world.

2. Express VPN

● It allows very high speed access to internet sources. The user can access online platforms in 94 countries around the globe.
● It has advanced protection from data leakages. The software uses 256-bit AES, DNS/IPv6 protection and speed tunneling. It makes online surfing more secure.
● Anonymous surfing. Login information to any website is never saved on the server. The user can surf online anonymously.

3. Cyber Ghost

● YouTube unblocking. The governments of many countries block access to Youtube. It becomes a problem, because Youtube is a website used not only for entertainment, but also for business matters. Cyber Ghost unlocks access to it from any country around the globe.
● This program blocks around 66 millions of advertisements online. The user of this program won’t have any troubles with annoying advertisement. The system blocks virtually all ads.
● Possibility to connect up to 5 devices to one account. That makes the service even more advantageous. You can share the costs with family members or colleagues.

4. Pure VPN

● Advanced security of your personal details. None of your emails or personal messages can be stolen if you use this software. The software works on CYPHER system, which ensures top security.
● The user can be assigned IP address from Middles East, North and South America, Asian and European countries.
● Availability of Business plan. This is an ideal VPN service to be used for any business. It ensures great security and management of business data.

5. Avast VPN.

● Bank grade encryption. This type of encryption is even more secure than others. It is a great VPN to choose for online banking operations.
● The best compatibility with Apple gadgets. If the user wants to install VPN on his Mac, he has to make sure the software is compatible with the hardware, and Avast is the best option here.
● Protection for public Wi-Fi. Very often the users log in with the free public Wi-Fi connection. Unfortunately, it is the most insecure type of connection. You should use VPNs to protect your data while using it.

These are the reasons that justify paying for the very best VPN services. Take advantages of the top Virtual Private Network service and enjoy surfing online.

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