5 Incredible Places to Visit in India

India is often termed as the land of diversity. This large country with quite huge population has created its unique recognition for the rest of the world for its diversity in various things. People from different religious and ethnic backgrounds live at this country with peace as well as harmony. Natural diversity of the country is also remarkable. The northern portion of the country is separated from China by the presence of the mighty Himalaya. East and West coastal regions enjoy tropical climate conditions. Southern portion of the country boasts of having virgin forests and small hilly areas. Overall, the country is poised with immense natural diversity and thus no wonder it is a lovely place to be visited for the passionate travelers.

So, are you planning for a trip to India? Well, if you are planning for a trip to India, you need to know the most incredible places of the country. These places are absolutely must-visit places. Whether you live in India or you are from another country, the following five places will surely quench your thirst for traveling and exploring unique things around the world.

1. Ladakh – The Crown of India

Situated at the north of India in the state of ‘Jammu and Kashmir’, Ladakh is often termed as the crown of India. This is a hill station, having enticing beauty in offering. Ladakh is a perfect escape from the bustling urban lives of India. This place offers tranquility, peace and calmness. The place comes with ecstatic natural beauty, featuring the mighty Himalaya at his best. Ladakh can be an ideal destination for you, if you like road trips. A ride on bike or a car would be just fascinating experience.

Being a place close top Himalaya region and located at high altitude, Ladakh has dry and cold climate in offering. During winter, the place becomes extremely cold and thus people avoid visiting the place at that time. Local people migrate to other places during this harsh winter time. They settle back when winter is over and spring gradually starts flourishing. In fact, spring is the best time to visit Ladakh. If not spring, one can also choose summer to visit the place as weather condition remains quite comfortable in summer season. So, March to June is the best time to visit Ladakh. One can also plan a trip to this place during the time frame of September end week to November.

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2. Udaipur – The Royal Heritage of India

Northern portion of Indian is not all about hill stations, as the state of Rajasthan which is located at northern part of India has been considered as the gateway to the Great Indian Thar Desert. Rajasthan is known for its royal heritage. One can explore the historic glimpses of various Rajput kingdoms. It is said that a royal fort can be found at every nook and corner at Rajasthan. Among various interesting destinations in this state, Udaipur is considered as the most fascinating destination.

Udaipur can be reached via car through seamless road networks from different portions of Rajasthan. It takes around 4 hours to reach Udaipur from Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. Udaipur is famous for its lakes and forts. Beautiful lakes and royal forts will give you unique feel that you would not get at any other part of this world. Romantic boat rides on the lakes is highly recommended. Apart from that, city museums and forts should be visited to get a feel of the royal Rajputana heritage.

3. Darjeeling – The Queen of Hills

Situated at eastern part of India, Darjeeling is a hill station of the state of West Bengal, India. This hill station is poised with fascinating natural charms and the heritage of British Raj during the colonial rule in India. The old school charms coupled with slow paced lifestyle of Darjeeling will surely fascinate you. On a clear as well as sunny day, tourists can have the glimpses of the beautiful Kanchenjunga range. Located at an altitude around 8000 feet above the sea level, Darjeeling has soothing and cold climate in offering throughout the year. During winter, it can get extremely cold and temperature can fall beyond 0 degree centigrade. March to June and September to December are the best time frames for visiting Darjeeling. You can check hotels at this hill station at discounted rates with Cleartrip Coupons. Darjeeling is known for its famous tea, and thus tea lovers must try authentic Darjeeling tea at this place.

4. Goa – The Ultimate Place for Amusement

Goa, a small state of the western coast of India, has become popular throughout the world for its tourism opportunities. The state possesses some of the most exotic beaches of India, offering glimpses of sun kissed golden beach and azure water of the Great Arabian Ocean. From bachelors to honeymooners, Goa is nicely poised with a lot of amusement stuffs for different tourists. There are beautiful restaurants where you can enjoy the delicious signature dishes of Goan cuisine. Local pubs serve exclusive drink or cocktails to the guests. Avoid rainy season (June to September), if you want to visit Goa.

5. Munnar – Misty Hill Station

Situated at the state of Kerala which is also termed as “God’s own country”, Munnar is a small hill station. The place has turned into posh place for tourism recently. It has a charming and pollution free ambiance in offering. A lot of greeneries and fresh air shall give you a grand welcome at Munnar. It is also a place known for coffee plantation and tea plantation. A holiday of 3-4 days at Munnar is well enjoyable with family as well as friends. One can visit place anytime or at any season. You can get your accommodation at the best price with TreeboHotels Coupons.

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