5 Of The World’s Most Unique Landmarks

Across the globe, there are several landmarks that attract millions of people each year. However, if you are willing to look slightly off of the beaten track, you will discover plenty of weird and wonderful landmarks to enjoy. If you have not left the comfort of your home country in a while, it is important to ensure that you have all the necessary documentation such as an E111 card and to ensure that your passport is still valid. Here, we’re taking a closer look at 5 unique landmarks that will add an interesting element to any holiday.

Hand Of The Desert

Built in 1992, this amazing monument has a special meaning; it was built to wave people off on their journey to nowhere. This is significant as this stone structure is built in a very remote location off the highway and is a spot that is perhaps unknown to tourists. This makes it an ideal spot to visit as it is one of the more unusual landmarks within South America. In addition to the hand that is located here, there is also one in Uruguay, this is significant as it looks as though a stone giant is holding all of South America making this monument one that is truly unique and unusual.

Victoria Memorial

Located within the centre of Kolkata, India there is a memorial named after Queen Victoria the structure that sits within 64 acres of land and is made from white marble. This magnificent structure is home to many mini statues throughout the grounds, and is illuminated at night to show off in all its glory. This landmark is perfect for people looking to visit a landmark that is not typically thought of and discover this true hidden gem in India.

Devil’s Garden

This unique hiking trail is known to many as the Devils Garden and is home to multiple different natural arches. This unique set of natural arches has drawn attention from tourists across the globe, and is a highly popular attraction in Utah, United States. In addition to the hiking trail and the natural arches, there is also a campsite which can accommodate up to 10 people, allowing you to stay within the arches national park and witness the beauty for yourself as the sunsets.

Spotted Lake

Located within Canada, Spotted Lake has been a sacred and protected ground for years. The lake obtained its polka dots from minerals that have drained down off of the mountains and has settled within the lake. Minerals such as calcium and iron are rich in the water however since the surrounding lands have been bought by a conservation effort the land is left and the minerals are not extracted. The last known use of the minerals from this lake was during world war one when they were extracted to create ammunition.

World’s Largest Thermometer

The World’s Largest Thermometer is a rather unusual attraction, but nonetheless, you’ll still want to see it with your own two eyes! This unique landmark is perfect for a family day out, and with a quaint restaurant severing delicious food close by, you can be confident that this area is more than a one stop shop! This unusual landmark was first originally built in 1991 before collapsing due to high winds, but was later reconstructed and has stood tall even since, making it a must see on your travels!

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