5 Strange Ingredients Used in Some Foods

Some of the tastiest foods in the world have ingredients that are unknown to the public. Not because they are dangerous, but because they are just strange. Knowing those ingredients would make people never want to eat those foods again or use their online casino site winnings to hire a private chef or else gone for betting sites to earn healthy amount. However, this is not the case for some of those foods, as they are still selling like hotcakes on the market. And their ingredients don’t affect the way we look at them at all.

1. Shellac

If it sounds familiar it’s most probably because it is. Shellac is the shiny, glossy coat that is used in nail polish and car wax. Shellac is also used in jelly beans, candy corn and basically all the sweets that look shiny. Shiny just turned into sweet.

Here is the strange part, shellac is a secretion from a Thai insect, Kerria Iacca, not so sweet now, is it? Since manufacturers can’t tell you that its insect’s secretion, they just term it as “confectioners glaze”.

2. Ammonia

Any science student must have across the term ammonia at some point. Ammonia is a toxic chemical that is used in most insecticide sprays. Most meat companies, however, spray meat with ammonia to kill the bacteria, healthy in a scary way.

3. Gelatine

If you love Jell-O then I’m sure gelatine is no new term. The ingredient is also found in yoghurt and candy to mention but a few foods. Well, gelatine is made from collagen. Nothing strange or creepy there. But collagen is a protein that comes from animal skins, in most cases pigs.

4. Lanolin

Ever wondered what makes chewing gum so chewy? That is lanolin. Nice right, but lanolin is an oily secretion that is found in sheep’s wool. However, not everyone can make it even if you have all the money from casinos online, you still need the skills to make it. It is even hard to imagine how sheep and chewing can be associated in the first place.

5. Isinglass

Not much to say about this one, other than the fact that it’s a key ingredient in most beers. Did we forget to mention that isinglass is made from dried fish bladders? Well, this is the same ingredient that gives beer it golden shade.

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