7 Indian Himalayas Treks For Beginners

Himalaya is a dream destination for mountain enthusiasts who love to discover the hidden treasures of the mountains through their trekking trails. However, besides the numerous trails, The Great Himalayan Mountain Ranges have major travel attractions for those who plan to visit the Indian Himalayas so when you plan your trekking expeditions in the mountains, make sure you include these attractions on your list of places to visit.

Travelers might think that Himalaya is a mountain range with trails for experts but the Indian Himalayas have numerous trails that are fitted for all difficulty levels including easy and moderate. If you are a novice and you want to embark in an adventure in this majestic mountain range, we’ve made a list of the Indian Himalayas treks that are suited for beginners.

Kafni Glacier Trek, Kumaon Himalayas

Kafni Glacier Trek is a trail that offers spectacular landscapes and it is a great as a first Himalayan trail for beginners. The Rhododendrons that can be admired during the trek will make everybody fall in love with the Indian Himalayas and all their beautiful miracles.

Sham Valley Trek, Ladakh

Sham Valley Trek is also known as the Baby Trek because of its low elevation. This trek is perfect for beginners who during their breaks would like to visit the sacred monasteries that are scattered during the route. The beautiful landscapes, the monasteries and the tranquility makes this trek a spiritual experience and not only a mountain experience.

Valley of Flowers Trek, Garhwal Himalayas

Valley of Flowers is not only a suited trekking trail for beginners but it is also one of the most popular trekking trails in India and a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is renowned for the mesmerizing alpine flowers and the rare animal species that can be admired along the way.

Pindari Glacier Trek, Kumaon Himalayas

Pindari Glacier Trek is another Indian Himalayas trek that attracts nature enthusiasts from all over the world. Along the trail, novice trekkers and experts alike have the opportunity to discover gorgeous sites, such as Dhakuri, Khati, Phukria and, of course, the intriguing Pindari Glacier.

Chopta – Chandrashila Trek, Garhwal Himalayas

Chopta Chandrashila Trek is considered one of the most beautiful treks for beginners since it allows trekkers to enjoy a beautiful view of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks. However, the entire route is absolutely hypnotic and perfect for those who needed a break from the stressful everyday life.

Indrahar Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh

Indrahar Pass Trek is a trekking trail that has a lot to offer to both amateur and expert trekkers who want to discover some of the Indian Himalayas’ most beautiful views. During their trek, travelers get to enjoy the amazing panorama of two mountain ranges in the region: Pir Panjal and Dhaula Dhar.

This is more of a moderate trail but if you tested your limits with other Himalayan trails for beginners, you should give this trail a try since it truly worth the effort.

Dodital Trek, Garhwal Himalayas

Dodital Trek is the perfect trail for those who love to enjoy a mountain scenery that includes lush vegetation and mysterious forests. This trail is perfect for amateur trekkers who want to get to know the Indian nature better.

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