A Few of the Most Popular

Over the last few years mobile gaming has really taken off in India becoming more mainstream as increasing numbers of people are using a mobile device and the internet services provided to various regions has improved dramatically.

Let’s face it, when the Wi-Fi service is poor players are very reluctant to use their mobiles for gaming as the quality will be low grade with games crashing half way through as connections are lost.

Luckily for those that love the idea of playing on the go whenever and wherever they choose India has become one of the top five countries for mobile gaming in the world and in fact, the industry it understood to be worth in excess of £680 million (over $890 million).

So quickly is the mobile industry growing that it has been estimated that the industry could be worth more that £760 million (or $1 billion) by the year 2020.

Mobile gaming can also attribute its popularity in India due to the price comparison between mobiles and consoles. On average, a console costs approx. £400 whereas a mobile will cost. on average only £111. The majority of Indian gamers also favour android devices die to the high cost of Apple phones.

The Indian people have a wide range of likes and dislikes when choosing which games to play on thei mobiles with many games like the ‘Candy Crush Saga’ series being right up there for its playability for as little or as long a time as required.

One interesting game which is favoured in India is Ludo King. This simple game which is based on the classic board game is so simple to play and has been modernised for phones making it possible to play offline and play against the computer or family members or go online and play againstt players from all over the world. With over 100 million downloads around the world playing online is going to be pretty exciting when trying to become the best.

Clash of Clans is also very popular in India with millions of players building their villages and taking part in battles against other clans. The tactical approach has proven to be very popular amongst the Indian player population who love to think up and use the strategies they have devised.

Being able to use strategies has also endeared the mobile friendly online casino firmly in the favourites list of many Indian players. Being able to pick up a classic game for as short a time as wanted has proven to be very popular.

We all lead busy lives and the convenience of playing for as much time as we want is very appealing. Online casino games have also been optimised for the mobile market and now they boast superb graphics and audio clips with some great video added to enhance game play.

Popularity choices will always fluctuate according to cultural and technological differences, but as you can see from the above list, we are not so very different from each other as one might first believe.

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