Why Choose OYO for Your Business Trip to Noida

In the global business scenario, going the distance for work is a regular phenomenon. Business trips have become quite frequent these days, with professionals willing to explore networking opportunities in different corners of the world. With this, the number of business travellers has increased significantly over the time. Accordingly, many hotels have also remodeled their facilities to welcome the new set of business travelers, who prefer a comfortable stay with all basic facilities. image- Happy Keys

Different networks of hotels like OYO Rooms are dedicated towards fulfilling customized needs of business travellers. They have turned out into specially-crafted service portals for business travellers. Especially in cities like Noida and Gurgaon, where the footfall of business travellers has increased exponentially over the last few years, OYO Rooms is playing a significant role in ensuring a comfortable stay for them in a budget-friendly manner. Those who look for the peace of mind during a business trip vouch for the credibility of OYO Rooms on these parameters.Image: OYO Rooms


It ensures hassle-free booking through an app

OYO Rooms is the first network of hotels that provides app-enabled booking solutions. You can find so many hotels in Noida that are registered with OYO Rooms. As these registered hotels are spread across the city, finding the one which is located in your preferred location would be easy. You can also filter the options for hotels in Noida in terms of location. For instance, if you have to attend a seminar at the Noida City Centre area, you just have to mention the location on the app for customized search results. The app also allows you to choose between different types of rooms, like flagship, premium, budget and elite, so that you find the best stay option within your budget.


Ensures convenient accommodation with all basic amenities

When you are on a business trip, you cannot think of even an hour without internet connectivity. You may miss out on an important email while you are out of a wifi zone, so it’s important to look for a hotel that provides 24X7 internet connectivity, without any fail. Along with seamless wifi connectivity, registered hotels at the app also provide round-the-clock power backup. Thus, you can work uninterruptedly from your hotel room, even without the need of travelling long distances to have a conversation with clients. Other facilities available at its registered hotels are complementary breakfast, laundry, parking facility, and so on.

Creates work-friendly environment

If you are on an official trip to Noida, you need to meet with different individuals who can play a pivotal role in giving a boost to your business. The soaring traffic of the city and the paucity of time may compel you to try the option of video conferencing with concerned persons. So, it is important that you stay in a hotel that has a well-equipped conference room in its premises. While you book a hotel in Noida through the app, you can filter the search based on the availability of a conference room, and thus enjoy your stay in a work-friendly environment.  

Flexible check-in and check-out timing

Most hotels have the check-in time of 12 in the noon. It’s too late for a business traveler who has landed in the city early morning, and plans to attend a business meeting at 10 am. The conventional check-in time at an ordinary hotel may not allow him/her to freshen up and make a neat impression during the meeting. Here comes this branded network of hotels as a savior. Most of the hotels in Noida that are registered with OYO allow early sunrise check-in at 6 am. Isn’t it a great relief to those who can’t wait for the clock to strike noon to make the check-in?  

In the end, by ensuring a comfortable stay in Noida during a business trip, you can focus more on work-related deadlines. Thus, it’s time to visit the app and make the most out of the options available.

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