Cricket Betting Tips & Match Prediction

If you love the game of cricket and spend hours of every match day watching and following your favorite team, then this is just the place for you. Take your love for the game a step further to watching it on a cricket ground or waking up in the middle of the night to catch the game on television or discussing your in-depth analysis with your friends and colleagues. Put your knowledge to better use and bank on your favorite players and teams to make your predictions right.

The Top Tips to Help You Make the Right Decisions

If you are looking to bet on cricket matches on, you need to be sure to make the right calls. While a lot depends on your sporting knowledge and a little on your luck, having a good strategy helps too. With Betway, you can win big in cricket, but you need to play your cards right.

The following are six pointers that should give you a heads up to making a studied guess. It will help you gain a firm grasp on how to make your predictions more fool proof to ensure you make the best of the situation:

  1. Current top batsmen and bowlers – Make sure you are aware of the top players of the two teams. A quick comparison between the two sides should help you decide on a match prediction
  2. Keep track of the in-form players – The best in-form players rarely disappoint and the likelihood of them bringing in the bang for the buck is almost a given. So banking of the strongest of them will definitely give you best returns.
  3. The home ground advantage is not a thing of the past- There came a time when fans travelled along with the team to supposedly put an end to the celebrated ‘home ground advantage. But in some of the lesser crowd-pullers in the game, the home turf is crucial and gives the home team a definite advantage over the opposition
  4. Tournament history – More often that not we have seen how history repeats itself. In some of the most crucial deciders of the game, the historically successful team has proven to win most matches
  5. Talent does not lay dormant for too long – As poor as a good players form may be, it would not be wise to write him off entirely. So if the most talented player of a team is going through a lean patch, he would be one to watch out for.
  6. Watch out for the underdogs – Be it how Kenya beat the West Indies in the 1996 World Cup or the way Bangladesh beat Pakistan in the 1999 World Cup, big upsets have come about when a team pushes itself further up backed by a determined coach. Fortune favours the brave as we have seen in the above matches. So never undermine the underdog.

When the tide favors your favourite team, it will also favour you if you stand firm and play it right. So what are you waiting for. Log on and make your double your matchday fun. What’s the strategy that you won’t forget among these? We wish you luck with your Betway betting strategy.

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