Easy Ways to Prepare for Your Next Trip to India

There is a reason that many people decide to put India on their travel bucket list. Visiting India will allow you to experience a wide array of cultures, and it is an experience that you will never forget.

Of course, this isn’t the type of place that you should simply visit on a whim. Rather, you need to prepare well in advance before your departure. This means choosing the best possible month to visit the country in, visiting some of the iconic festivals and remember to choose your travel partner wisely. Other considerations you must keep top of mind include having your accommodation booked, being mindful of any potential tourist scams and, of course, you should pick up some mementos along the way.

The following steps should all be seen as a mental checklist before you hop on a plane to India.

Choosing the best month to go in

Similar to any other destination, there are some months that are better to visit India in than others. It is said that October to April are some of the better time periods to visit, and you want to avoid monsoon season if at all possible.

The monsoon goes from June to September, and in the event that you already have a ticket booked during this time, you will need to pack a lot of waterproof clothes with you.

Visiting festivals

Many people plan their trip to India around their iconic festivals, and why wouldn’t you? The whole purpose of visiting a new country is to experience its culture.

For instance, the Diwali is the famous festival of lights and should not be missed, but you certainly can’t forget about the festival of color known as Holi.

Go with a friend or family member

India is a country that you should always consider going with a friend or family member, as opposed to alone. Plus, the trip can be more enjoyable if you decide to go with someone, anyway!

If you are traveling solo, you will need to prepare more rigorously for your trip, and you will want to consider booking tours in order to visit certain places in the country.


If you leave your accommodation booking to the last minute, the best hotels will no longer be available. Thus, this is another area of your trip planning that you should research and book in advance.

Be mindful of tourist scams

Tourist scams can happen in any foreign country, but you should do some prior research on scam stories that others have experienced when they visited India.

Your taxi driver, for instance, can easily scam you for being a tourist, and in order to ensure that you arrive swiftly and easily to your initial accommodation, you may want to request your hotel to send a taxi to pick you up at the airport.

Returning with mementos and souvenirs

While bringing your camera along with you is a great opportunity for you to always remember your trip, why not bring back mementos and souvenirs that you found in India, as well? You can do this for both yourself and for friends and family members back at home, too.

You can use websites to search in advance for some of the best souvenir ideas are for the place that you are traveling to.

Keeping in mind that India is a big country with a lot to offer, consider which region you want to visit, as your starting point. The more in advance that you book your trip details such as accommodation and train tickets, the more smooth sailing your trip will be.

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