10 Ways to Write a Really Good Essay

What are the signs of a good essay? How to grab the audience’s attention and induce a spark of curiosity? Are there any secret rules that help you to create a masterpiece? How to avoid long, boring and dull texts? Let us uncover the first top secret: many students consider that essays should be written in a dry style that is suited to the goals of academic papers. No one seems to understand that the tutor reading the essay is eager to find it exciting! Do you know that while remaining within the strict and formal confines, you can to do a lot to make it more readable? Let us see together, what things may inject readers’ interest into your essay.

1. Go Fish: Hook the Reader

An introduction must induce reader’s interest and convict him to approach your work with a positive spirit. Make a good impression from the first line! The introductory paragraph plays the most significant role in capturing audience’s attention. If you write it wisely, you can hook the readers’ mind. Do you consider the essay topic is worth his interest? Explain to the reader why you think so! Make your introductory paragraph bright! Think outside the box to find a proper attention grabber. Avoid a vague thesis and put key ideas clearly. Demonstrate your deep understanding of the chosen topic.

2. Create a “Map”

To write a good essay you need a really good plan. Develop basic structure of your writing piece and follow it step-by-step. It is your magic map that should take the readers gradually through the initial questions to the crucial answers.

3. Passion for the Subject

Being interested in the studying subject is the best way to make your essay useful, engaging, more lively, and really worth reading. If you have an opportunity to select the topic for the future writing, find one you have a real passion for.

4. Get Rid of the Internet

It is a strange advice, isn’t it? But it may help you to focus on your project. To do this, save all the data you need on your laptop. Now, get rid of social media distraction. Make a rough draft of your future essay. Jot down your thoughts. Don’t bother about choosing words as you will edit it later.

5. Put Rhetorical Questions

Using rhetorical questions is an elegant way of introducing a new line. You may place them at the end or at the beginning of a paragraph. It will serve to lure readers and involve them in a discussion.

6. Read Books

For a student, using a high-level vocabulary in academic papers is a must. Is it possible to develop language skills? Of course, you can increase your vocabulary greatly with reading as this is the most efficient tool. Find a proper literature that response your requirements. You may use e-library resources or borrow your friend’s books. As you read, think about what the author is doing to grab your interest. Maybe, you should underline or copy out some phrases and techniques. Emulate the style of writers you like the most. Use figurative language because it often makes concepts easier for your readers to understand. For instance, you might try the analogy to explain sophisticated concepts.

7. Make it Flow

The words are comparable to musical notes. If you put them in a right place, you’ll hear a perfect blend of beauty and harmony. So you have to take care of fluidity of the text. Pay attention to the smooth transitions between the essay’s sections. Forget cliché and dull patterns of starting with the subject of the sentence. Use active voice. It works. Your readers will love it.

8. Healthy Competition

Sure thing, you are not the only one who is going to create an essay. All of you mates have to complete their assignments. You may have a friendly completion that will encourage you to fulfill this task.

9. Juicy Conclusion

If your conclusion is weak and bleak, it will spoil everything. How to avoid a final failure? You have to come up with a brilliant plan that will crash into readers’ mind. Keep in mind that the last impression does matter. Leave the readers something juicy to think about. For example, help them answer the question “So what now”? You can mention the future implications or propose possible solutions; outline incredible possibilities and sum up your writing paper.

10. Use Spell Checkers

What is the sign of a bad essay? Errors. They are not acceptable. Just think of it: you can lose your points because of unfortunate mistakes! How to avoid it? Luckily, a new era brings us technology that will do all job for us. Spell checkers easily detect dozens of mistakes. But they don’t pick up on all the errors. Therefore, proofread your essay thoroughly to be sure that the punctuation is flawless, the grammar is elegant, and the spelling is perfect. Luckily, some online writing services provide useful blog posts that help to create the top-notch writing pieces.

In Conclusion

Using our skeleton, you can easily overcome all difficulties because it perfectly fits many essays on various topics. Remember that your primary task is to spark the readers’ curiosity. A dull essay or poor handling of a subject matter risks losing the audience’s attention. Keep your readers absorbed and make them want to keep reading more. Construct your balanced arguments soundly and allow seeing their meaningfulness. It is the way to accomplish your writing goals and demonstrate original thinking.

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