Fastest Internet Service Providers In India

India’s provision for high speed internet has blossomed of late, dumping outdated dial-up and ASL technologies for true bandwidth and fiber-wire connections in the more developed cities. We’re going to take a look at some of the fastest ISPs that consistently top the speed tests.


YOU Broadband


Starting off our list at a great price and speeds of up to 60 Mbps, YOU Broadband’s services are available in most of the major metropolitan areas. Recently becoming a subsidiary of Vodafone, YOU has been investing billions of rupees in expanding its broadband network infrastructure on a very admirable scale.

It seems as well that where the company can’t provide its own connections, it tries to do the best for the customer by partnering with already established companies like Motorola and Cisco to help get more people its excellent value internet service.

Atria Convergence Technologies Broadband


Established in 2000 in Bangalore, ACT has gone from strength to strength to show other companies how it’s meant to be done when you’re an internet service provider.

They are investing hugely in fiber wire technology to help bring customers the kind of high speed internet facilities that you’ll be able to stream HD programming with.

Hayai Broadband


Fresh on the Indian internet service provider market is Hayai Broadband. The business, operating out of Mumbai, has done most of its business in that city. But, due to a large amount of success in that particular region, the company now has its sights set on expanding into other areas like Delhi and Bangalore.

One of the best things about Hayai is how they don’t constantly assault their customers with data restrictions: if you download responsibly they will leave you to it. If a customer does start downloading excessively they will engage with them and reasonably request that they move to a higher usage plan, which seems like a very sensible approach.

Reliance Broadband


Reliance has been a mover and shaker in the Indian internet service provider scene for quite some time. While they have a lot of good experience in the business, they will have to watch out for all the competition that has emerged in recent years. However, they still have a lot of good value for money plans on offer.

Another handy thing with Reliance is that it has such widespread coverage across the country, and have used this responsibility to help further the spread of high speed internet infrastructure. With a diverse portfolio of service packages available, it seems like Reliance will continue to be a player for some time yet.

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