Food and Nutrients

We have never come across people that do not like food. But we have definitely come across people that love food to the core. Which is not a bad thing. Food is what makes us grow, have this healthy hair and skin.

Even animals cannot survive without food. But with all that being said the major issue that we should consider is, do you know what you are taking in on a daily basis? Do you know what it contains? Is it good for your health?
These questions are why we are here to make sure that we answer. Keep on reading and pick out things you might learn that you did not know about.

Love your Sugar

We have often heard that sugar is not good for you. And all the diseases that you might get when you consume huge amounts of sugar. But they forgot to mention that that same sugar is what makes some meals delicious and what they are. It is like how people mention how you can lose money at online gambling and forget to mention how you can win money.

But what they forgot to tell you is that added sugars are the ones that are harmful. You should know that added sugars contain empty calories. In other words, they serve no purpose only to make the food sweet. But in terms of nutritional balance, they are useless.

So why not go for foods that already contain natural sugar. Believe us you can never go wrong on that one.

Fats are very important

We know that you have also been told to stay away from fats. But did you know that you need them, to keep your body warm? Not only that but when your body is out of carbohydrates, the fats are changed to carbohydrates and provide you with energy. The same energy you will need when playing real money pokies on your PC.

No one prescribes the perfect diet

People differ and have different requirements when it comes to nutrients. And we know there are specific diets that you might see online or in books you read. But when it comes to diets and nutrients one size doesn’t fit all. Meaning that people need different nutrients depending on the person.

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