Funny Facts about Aliens

For years, aliens have remained a mystery all over the world. Others have claimed to have seen them while others have claimed to have been abducted. On the other hand, there are sceptics who don’t believe that such things exist. Here, we give you a few fun facts about aliens to get you cracking up.

Funny Facts about Aliens

• Actually, aliens are very sensitive about human feelings. In fact, they understand maternal affection and even your girlfriend’s love.

• I know you have been told a million times that aliens are greenish in colour. TV has pushed that belief for the longest time. However, you will be interested to know that aliens are actually blue in colour.

• Hollywood and online casino video slots have also made you believe that they are sticky and slimy. However, they are actually very cute and fresh-looking. In fact, they are very neat and clean. If you like, you can even kiss them with no worries of getting any chemical on their skin.

• So, we all know that aliens are very powerful and advanced in science. Their spaceships are evidence to that. However, these beings are very scared of dogs and elephants.

• Aliens don’t eat any food. At all! In actual fact, they survive only on solar energy. Yes, they get charged from sunlight.

• These interesting beings have superpowers that even God is jealous of. Did you know that they can cure a mentally handicapped child with just a tap on his head? Oh yes, they can!

• Are you using contact lenses because you have a problem with eyesight? Well, contact aliens. They will correct your vision.

• Aliens can actually help humans fly. The flying will help you in winning basketball games or robbing a bank and flying away to an island somewhere.

• They could actually make a career out of magic shows. We mean, they are very good working magic with clouds and shadows. But can they help you win at sports betting sites?

• Aliens want to remain mysterious. For that reason, they will only come to your city after they first ensure a total power blackout. However, they are very generous. Soon after taking off, they will resume power connections.

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