German Bundesliga

The Bundesliga is one of the most visited world championships. Incredible support from stands, high results and fighting until the last second – these are what distinguishes the German competition among others.

The German championship has always been rich in events. Despite the fact that there is a clear favorite, Bayern, new teams make a hit in every season. Keiserslautern that entered the Bundesliga and won it at a go is a telling example of this. It is just impossible to imagine such things at other tournaments. There is a recent example, RB Leipzig. Only in 2016, the team got into the Bundesliga and captured a place in the Champions League for the first time in its history.

Besides Bayern, Dortmund Borussia and Schalke should be noted among the recognized favorites. Their confrontation was the Ruhr derby, one of the distinguished parts of the German championship. Borussia plays successfully and represents the country perfectly in the international scene too.

Football scores of Bundesliga always draw attention of specialists from all over the world. The German championship is distinguished by high results and even recognized favorites’ failure. Every year the Bundesliga discovers new talents and remains one of the most attractive championships for legionaries.

Power of the German Championship

German clubs can often alternate failures and striking victories. For example:

In 2007, Stuttgart won Bundesliga and then failed in a few years.

In 2009, Wolfsburg became a champion, however, after a couple of years, the team moved to the survival line. Now the club is gradually restoring its positions.

Werder played in the UEFA Cup final but recently it has been fighting for being the elite for several seasons.

Köln got into the group phase of the Europa League but is the last in the Bundesliga.

Exactly such instability and possibility to succeed quickly attract many fans. German clubs are always successful at European Championships. This is primarily about Bayern that won the European Champions Cup 5 times. Besides, this trophy was won by Borussia and Hamburg.

Unlike other top 5 world champions, there are 18 German teams, which makes their confrontations more spectacular and exciting. There is no doubt that the Bundesliga will continue developing in the future and leading football players will still play there.

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