How Can You Save Money On Your Travel

Traveling is a part of our daily life. If you are a student, you have to travel by bus or metro to reach your school or college. If you are an office worker or a businessman, you have to take public transport service. Not only that, many of us love to travel by bus while going from one city to another or one state to another for professional purpose or vacation trip. Since nothing comes free in life, we spend a great deal of amount annually on our travel even though it may seem to be a small amount from a daily perspective. That is why many people never search for ways to reduce the cost of transportation. But there are various tricks by which you can easily cut 10%-30% of the total travel cost annually which can amount to a few thousand rupees. The followings are the simplest ways to save money on your travel.

For Vacation Trip –

Bus Booking – If your destination is not in another country or in a state that is far away from your location, you should opt for a luxury bus rather than a train. The cost of traveling by bus is generally half or lower than that of a train. You can cut the cost further if you apply Mobikwik Promo Code. There are various Mobikwik coupon codes available on PromoCodeClub with which you can get up to 30% discount. If you are traveling with your family, you can save thousands of rupees just like that.

Hotel Booking – When you go to a destination for a holiday trip, you book your hotel rooms in advance. Instead of searching for hotels with the lowest price tag, you should search hotels in your destination on Mobikwik. There are over 10,000 hotels listed on the site that are located across the popular places in India. When you make a booking, there are various Mobikwik PromoCodes available on PromoCodeClub that you should use to get discounts ranging from 30% to 80%. The discount can be based on the current hotel offer or transaction amount. You can book luxurious hotel rooms at the price of budget hotel rooms thanks to the huge discount that you get with the coupon codes.

For Regular or Occasional Transportation –

Metro – If your city has metro service and you prefer metro rather than local train and bus, you can save a lot in your daily transportation. Starting from students to office workers, everyone loves to travel by metro as they are available frequently and the interior is far better than a bus or a local train. If you are traveling by metro regularly, you need to make a metro card so that you can recharge it with money and spend the money in buying a ticket from the metro ticket machine instantly without standing in the long queue of manual ticket collection. You can also use the card in different metro outlets for buying food and other items. Instead of recharging from the counter, you can recharge the card from Mobikwik and apply Mobikwik offer code to get discounts and cashback.

Bus – There are various bus services available on Mobikwik that people opt for regularly to travel from one place to another. It can be from one city to another or one state to another. You know that such bus transportation cost quite a lot if you travel frequently. With Mobikwik coupons, you can cut the cost up to 30% on every journey. As a matter of fact, Mobikwik offers TravelPass by which you can get 5% instant discount for the entire year on all buses listed. The next you book a bus to travel from one city to another, do not opt for any other bus transport facility than the ones Mobikwik offers and you can save a lot of money annually quite effortlessly.

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