How to save money while studying in college

It is hard to argue with the fact that most students experience financial difficulties when in college but there are several ways you put more money aside and thus save some cash. Here are some tips on saving in college.

1. Find a roommate or live with a relative

The best way to save on rent and other expenses is to find a roommate to rent an apartment together or to move in with a member of your family. Of course, you will have to sacrifice your personal space, but your savings on rent, food, television and the Internet can outweigh minor inconveniences from having another person around. In addition, living with someone else can be quite fun. Check out this data collected by Business Insider, as you can see there’s nothing to shame about in terms of sharing a home with roommates, and high percentage of the US millennials know that.


2. Buy used things

Drop by some local commission store or go to a sale to find the things you want to buy at a lower price. Flea markets and sites that sell used goods are very convenient if you are fine buying something that someone else has already used. In addition, sales are quite interesting, as you get to rummage around in all sorts of things and buy something unique. Just look at this prices comparison for new versus used cars – the difference is more than drastic.


3. Commute on foot

Save money on gasoline by renting an apartment close to a public transport stop or in an area with a well-developed infrastructure. If you manage to live without having your own car, you will be able to save a ton of money on insurance, car maintenance and gas.

4. Save on food

Do not eat in cafes and even when you do, look for discounts and coupons. When you go with someone for dinner, split the bill. When it comes to buying groceries in the supermarket, do not opt for expensive goods but instead, you may want to try to find some cheaper analogs.


5. Find a job

This, of course, is easier said than done, but the easiest way to put more money aside is to earn more. And if you are short of time with your new job, you can always research paper writing services to get some academic aid.
The main thing is, before agreeing to a vacancy in a local restaurant, think about more pleasant and less labor-intensive jobs. There is, for example, freelancing and tutoring. You can earn some money as a nanny for somebody’s dog. Approach the process of making some extra money creatively and get paid for what you like to do.

6. Gadgets and software



Apple offers discounts for students when buying their computers and tablets. The company also distributes a student selection of five programs: Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor and MainStage at a reduced price. Another way you can save is through an Apple Music subscription.


Students get free access to a number of products for development and design under the Microsoft Imagine program.

For Adobe Creative Cloud, there is a discount for students of 60%. More information can be found on the developer’s website.


For students involved in modeling, Autodesk offers its products (AutoCAD and 3ds Max) for free for non-commercial use.

In general, we recommend you try to use free software. Many programs that students use have free online versions or are distributed under college fund programs. Before you buy any application, make sure that it does not have a free version/analog.

Open Office is a popular free analog of Microsoft Office. There is also Office Online.

ClamWin is a quality free antivirus.

For sound processing purposes, you can use the Audacity free application. If you have a creative major, this program could be extremely useful to you.

PDFCreator is a free version of Adobe Acrobat.

Instead of paid accounting software, you can use TurboCASH 5, GnuCash or other local free applications.

7. Get an international student identity card (ISIC)

You can apply for an international student identity card (ISIC) and enjoy discounts in 130 countries worldwide. This card will be particularly advantageous for traveling students, as you will be capable of saving money on tours, flights, and accommodation in hostels and hotels with it.

8. Communicate with people using video chat and instant messengers.

This will reduce the cost of your calls.

Use Skype, Camfrog, Facetime, ooVoo – all of these applications have both video chat and text messaging options.
There are also video chat web clients. Try using Skype Web, Google Hangouts, video chat Facebook, AnyMeeting, and TinyChat.

Video chatting will allow you to see facial expressions and gestures of your interlocutors while also letting you save.

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