How to Survive Cold Nights

Cold weather is perfect for most activities such as hiking, fishing, rock climbing, and many others. However, the nights are even colder. For that reason, you must learn how to survive cold nights.

How to Survive Cold Nights

You will need to stay warm at night in order to enjoy your sleep. Below, we list a few things that you can do so you survive those cold nights.

Go To the Bathroom before Bed

Whenever your body stores urine, it warms that part of your body instead. You must get rid that of that urine in order for the body to distribute heat all over. Also, mid-morning runs to the bathroom are not cool at all, especially in cold weather.

Eat Foods High In Carbohydrates and Protein

Foods that are high in protein and carbohydrates are known to create energy and heat. You should eat foods high in the above-mentioned category as they help you stay warm at night. This is because the body uses them to create heat.

Drink a Hot Drink in the Morning

Every morning, drink a hot beverage in order to get your body warm while reading news or checking latest sports results at kiwibetting on your mobile device. A warm cup of coffee or tea will instantly help your body get moving.

Work Out a Little

Before you go to bed, you may consider working out a little so that your body produces heat. Consider doing a few push-ups or jumping jacks and then quickly jump into bed.

Never Sleep on the Floor

Try to always sleep in your bed. We know how hard this may be, especially if you accidentally fell asleep on the floor while playing your favorite online slots for real money. The ground or floor will, however, absorb heat, as a result, leaving you cold.

Wear a Pair of Socks

Always make sure that you wear socks to bed. This helps keep your feet warm. Warm feet simply mean a warm body. You may want to warm your socks in the microwave before putting them on so that your feet warm up faster.

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