How to Travel In Africa On A Budget

A lot of people have the misconception that travelling to Africa is cheap when in actual fact, it is expensive. This is because there are so many activities that you can do in African. These include hiking, safaris, beach holidays, gorilla trekking, and a lot of other activities that are pretty cool. However, it doesn’t really mean that you cannot travel there while on a tight budget. In this post, we share with you, tips on how to travel in Africa on a budget.

Find Cheap Plane Ticket!

Before you buy your plane ticket, please make sure that you look around for cheap plane tickets to Africa. You should make sure that you do this as early as possible. Also, try to find out if there are any cheap deals that you can take advantage of. Furthermore, you should know that the return ticket is normally much cheaper than the one way. Because of that, always go for the return ticket. Perhaps you can also save some cash for online betting when you get there since Africans love to bet online.

Avoid High Season in Africa

The festive season, as well as mid-year, is pick season on Africa. At these times, everything is just expensive. That includes accommodation, and any other activities, including safaris.

Apply for Visa Online or on Arrival

The process of sending your passport to the embassy and then getting it back may cost you some additional charges. Because of that, we suggest that you apply for a visa online. Also, you may want to check with your destination as some countries will actually allow you to apply for a visa on arrival.

Use Public Transport Whenever Possible

Taxis from the airport to the city centre can be ridiculously expensive. Because of that, you will need to find out if you can get public transport instead. We actually suggest that you use slower transportation such as ferries or trains whenever you can. These tend to be much, much cheaper. Plus, it gives you a chance to play your favourite online casino games on your mobile while on your way to your destination. You can play at the best usa online casino sites while in Africa.

Buy Local Sim Card

Roaming rates are just huge. As a result, we recommend that you acquire a local SIM card. You will find it quite handy as you can always call your taxi driver anytime or surf the internet for much less.

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