How to Travel in Goa Like a Celebrity and Do the Top 5 Killer Things

Goa is one such tourist destination which cannot be sufficiently experienced in one day. There are myriads ways to enjoy time by doing innumerable things to do in Goa. All these make it a unique place with demands to visit this place over and over again because each visit is underscored with a new dimension and new experience. Even celebs and travel connoisseurs around the world would have found difficult to explore Goa in a 360 degree way with just one visit. Some things like time, budget and preference might restrict you from experiencing Goa in an unrestrained manner. Therefore here are some killer things to do in Goa.

Take Walking Tours


Take walks along the villages and towns of Goa which is world away from rave parties that usually happen on Goa beaches. It is best for those who love to have simple pleasures of life and especially for those who love peaceful things of life. Take time to witness the Portuguese styles houses and get a glimpse of local village as you pass across the local Goan houses and landscapes. You can also explore the capital city which is known for its Victorian styled buildings, beautiful churches, chapels and cathedrals. Ponda is another place to explore where you can witness Hindu temples as the architecture of this place is unique to the region. Exploring the sight of Goa on foot is truly enjoying because it’s fun and easy. Even if you feel tired take an auto rickshaw or a bus so explore more of Goa by taking walking tours and book direct flights to Goa, India.

Explore The Wildlife of Goa

Wildlife- in- Goa

The wildlife sanctuaries of Goa are the most visited by locals because tourists give a swap for it for beach. But this time for a change explore the wild side of Goa on your holidays. You can opt for Mollem wildlife sanctuary or Bondla zoos which have excellent accommodation options where you can spend a night in the jungle of this protected park. Here is the most famous waterfall of Goa- the Dudh Sagar waterfalls. Government guest houses are also available in the Cotigao wildlife sanctuary in Canacona in south Goa. Therefore book direct flights to Goa from London and enjoy your trip.

Watch Dolphins


This is simply amazing, because you wouldn’t have thought Goa to be a dolphinseeing kind of place. But yes it is, as there are many boat services on which you can embark to dolphins play and frolic around the sea. The experience is much better than you can see in a video which you must have seen in National Geographic. This is your chance to grab the latest deals so book last minute direct flights to Goa, India from UK.

Get a Tattoo


Seriously what’s the big deal in this? If not permanent then try the temporary henna one. You can just choose to get the kind of tattoo you want. Near the sea beach markets there are tattoo shops where you can engrave tattoos on your shoulders, hands and back on a Goa trip.

Taste Authentic Goan Cuisine

Goa Fish Curry

Most tourists flock to Goa for its mouth watering cuisines because the food scene has grown to multi-folds. Here are sea foods options are to die for because numerous shacks are the perfect place to hang out, chill out with buddies and have a good time. Goan fish curry with steaming rice is something to die for! Of course fenny is a must drink here along with local seafood.


No doubt Goa is an amazing place for back packers because it is not only about beaches, restaurants and markets, so do not restrict yourself with this. The best part about Goa vacation is that even if a traveler comes here alone he or she won’t feel that due to hospitality of the people out here.

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