How will Self-Driving Cars Revolutionize Your Trip

In this inter-connected world, technology has added something to every industry. The same is true for the automobile industry. In the current scenario, the self-driving vehicles are becoming a hot topic fast. No doubt the concept of self-driving cars has been around for years now, but it has increased only recently due to advances in networking and satellites. Imagine getting into your autonomous car, giving it driving instructions, and then letting it take you to your destination while you watch a movie, read a book, or surf the internet. These advances mean that you may soon be able to relax and sit back in your car next time you go on a trip (letting your car do all the work). So, read on to know how self-driving cars can revolutionize your trip:

Your Car Will Take You to Your Destination with Nearly ‘No Error’

The leading cause of most vehicle accidents today is driving error, caused due to speeding, alcohol, drugs, aggressive driving, inattentiveness, and ignoring road conditions. However, the incredibly complicated technology behind self-driving cars (as it makes hundreds of calculations per second), will immediately signal current speed, how far you are from objects, the behaviour of other vehicles, and location on the globe.

As these readings are very accurate, it will reduce the risk of human error. Thus, it will ultimately eliminate driving errors for cars on the road, and you can safely reach your destination.

Decreased Traffic Congestion Will Ease Your Trip

It has been seen that when drivers allow each other to move freely between lanes on the highway and space out accordingly, traffic continues to flow smoothly, regardless of the number of cars on the road. Similarly, as self-driving vehicles will rarely involve in accidents, it will increase the potential to ease congestion. This means that irritated morning commuters stuck in traffic would be replaced by happy passengers of self-driving cars.

Not only this, because these cars can communicate with each other, the need for traffic signals may also be eliminated. Driving with fewer stops will lead to better-coordinated traffic and less congestion making your trip glitch-free.

You Will Have More Free Time

With self-driving car doing the driving, you will be free to make the most of your time spent in the car. It will take you less time to reach your destination as traffic congestion is expected to decrease. This means that you can have more valuable time for other things besides commuting.

Thus, drivers can get back their own time, instead of just staring at the car in front of them. Commuters globally could save a combined 1 billion hours every day once autonomous vehicles go mainstream, according to McKinsey.

You Can Save Some Pennies as Your Self-Driving Car Will Consume Less Fuel

The adoption of autonomous vehicles can reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 300 million tons per year (Source: McKinsey).

These driverless cars are designed to optimise efficiency in acceleration and braking, which will reduce carbon emissions and help improve fuel efficiency. Less fuel consumption will positively affect your pockets.

Design of Car May Get a Makeover

With driverless cars, there is a serious potential for design restructures of vehicles. As self-driving cars no longer need to include complicated driving tools, there would be much more space in the interior for your relaxation and entertainment.

With further advancements in the future, it won’t be a lie if someone tells you that, “self-driving cars may look like a portable living room where you can relax until you arrive at your destination”.

Self-Driving Cars Will Be More Powerful

The mechanism of the car will be entirely rearranged in the coming years, leading to a newly designed engine. This potential rearrangement could lead to the creation of vehicles with more capable and powerful engines. Cars could become a lot faster, travelling at much higher speeds (since there will be fewer driver mistakes and less traffic on the road).

How Will These Cars Affect Motor Insurance?

You must be aware that car insurance companies settle claims in case of an accident. So, how will this make sense considering fewer accidents in case of autonomous vehicles? If you are thinking, “will car insurance segment shrink in future”, think again!

Although the number of accidents may fall due to self-driving cars, the cost of replacing damaged parts is likely to increase due to the complexity of the components. Hence, a comprehensive vehicle insurance will exist in a driverless car era also. Further, you cannot rule out the possibility of these cars getting damaged by natural calamities, for example- flood damage. Also, the risk of theft can’t be ruled out. So, you cannot ignore to buy car insurance online.

Insurance claims in the future will be different than ones you see today. For instance, insurance companies will have to pay out for incidents such as a hacker stealing personal data from a car or faulty artificial intelligence (AI) products. As such significant new opportunities crop, insurance companies will have to be positioned likewise to take advantage such that more and more customers buy car insurance online.

Moreover, in any case, you must buy third-party liability car insurance otherwise, you would have to pay fine or penalty charges.


Self-driving vehicles have the potential to be a new wave in the future of humanity, with their increased productivity, and the possibility of eliminating driving-related risks.

Not only will these cars help curb emissions, but they will also give every commuter more time in their days. Let’s wait and watch!

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