Indian Religious Beliefs

India is where most religions that exist in the world emerged from. The most popular religion in India currently is Hinduism and almost eighty percent of Indians are Hindus. This is a beautiful religion with a huge gallery of Gods and Goddesses.

India Religion


Just the same way there is a system for how to play slots for free and win real money; there are also practices which people adhere to in life.

During the 1991 census, 82% of Indian population was listed as Hindu. But 12% of the Indians are Muslim and this makes it one of the biggest Islamic countries in the globe. The second largest religious group is the Christians who constitute of 2% of the entire population. They are closely followed by Sikhs. The other religious groups in India are the Buddhists and the Jains who are quite few.


Holy places and rituals

There are many rituals, temples, shrines and other holy places of most religions in India. For the Hindus for instance, the holiest places are the huge pilgrimage temples. Muslims on the other hand, the saints’ tombs are the most important places. For Buddhists, most of them are visitors from overseas and the places associated with Buddha are important.


Christians, Muslims and Jews pray that the departed souls go to paradise. Hindu understanding about death is completely different. The Christians, Jews and Muslims bury the dead at cemeteries as many Zoroastrians do these days. Zoroastrians are distinguished by their silent Towers in Bombay and some other cities (stone structures where the dead bodies are exposed to air and vultures that assemble there).

In a similar way that the outcome in uk online casino reflects how a player played, most Hindus have a belief in reincarnation. The main idea is that the soul of the dead person can get reincarnated for a number of rebirths. Also, what that soul is reincarnated into is determined by the good deeds and sins that the person committed while alive.
That is a belief that justifies the caste system inequities. A person is born in a certain caste, whether low or high as an outcome of compiled sins or virtues of someone’s soul in a past life. A person should not expect to go out of his or her caste in life; however that may happen in the reincarnation that follows. And evil people mostly get reincarnated as animals.

Hindus cremate dead bodies on logs but the poor can just bury them instead. Very saintly figures may be buried in a sitting position as the Lingayat sect members.

Gods and Goddesses

The Hindu Gods and Goddesses are form of one Supreme Being known as Brahman. Brahman is always personified and shown as the person who should be sought after.



Religion is a crucial part of India and religious tolerance and diversity are established by the law. Also, the Indian constitution declares that freedom of religion is a fundamental right.

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