Is Online Gambling Legal in India?

You would think that state and federal laws would address something as important and widespread as online gambling, but this is not the case in India. It is difficult to give a straightforward answer to the question of whether online gambling is legal in India. For starters, the Public Gambling Act enacted in 1867 prohibits everyone from owning and running any gambling unit. This law, however, does not mention anything about online gambling.

We don’t expect the state and federal government to have placed provisions on online gambling in the 18th century, but we would expect the government to make revisions and include provisions. This is especially true as technology continues to advance. This limbo state makes it legal to bet on online platforms.

Indian gambling law is subject to different interpretations, which makes it even confusing. But basically, there are no laws against online gambling in India. Confusion arises due to one of the following factors.

Weak Law Enforcement

The issue lies in law enforcement. For instance, according to the Public Gambling Act, individual players are liable to one-month imprisonment or a small fine. The punishment is quite lenient, and above that, it is rarely enforced.

Let’s look at another law that is blatantly ignored. The Central Lotteries Act of 1988 prohibits gambling in the form of lotteries but exempts lotteries approve by the state from the provisions under the Public Gambling Act. They are allowed to draw just once a week, yet numerous companies exceed this limit because they disagree with the law. They do not get reprimanded for this and still pay their taxes to the state.


Numerous betting law loopholes exist in the Indian gambling scene. For instance, bookkeeping is illegal in India, but there are no provisions on betting with international companies based elsewhere. As long as a betting company based outside India accepts bets from the country, nothing is stopping Indians from betting. It would also be difficult for the government to trace the IP addresses of all those people.


So to answer the question, you can place online bets, play online casino and win in India because there are no laws against online gambling.

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