La Liga – One of the Strongest Championships in the World

The Spanish Primera traditionally attracts fans from all over the world. There are the best players showing phenomenal results that let clubs of La Liga succeed in the international scene.

20 teams play at the Spanish Championship but there are not so many candidates for the title: Some main favorites are:

· “Atlético”;

· “Barcelona”;

· “Real”.

Exactly the “Royal Club” won the previous championship and a lot of experts predicted that it could win in this season too but the team of Zidane was obviously not ready for such pressure. They started falling behind the team of Valverde already in the first round. As a result, after the home failure with a score of 0-3, it actually stopped competing for the title.

La Liga traditionally attracts fans with spectacular and uncompromising football games. The attacking style of playing combined with exciting goals is a permanent part of all Primera matches. Now it is much easier to watch any live match due to the development of progressive technologies.

Remaining Competitions

If the position of “Barcelona” is quite clear, other positions raise new questions. We can expect an incredibly intensive struggle in the failure zone where the teams will do their best not to drop out of the elite.

Another important intrigue of the current season is a race of the scorers. Cristiano Ronaldo has an excellent chance to take revenge on Lionel Messi and win a personal trophy. The Portuguese players, as well as “Real” itself, started the season poorly but after the New Year he literally transformed and started to demonstrate impressive results.

Due to his goals, “Real” gets to the next round of the Champions League and tries to catch up with “Atlético” in La Liga, although this is almost impossible. It is very important for “Atlético Madrid” to hold on to the second line. This is primarily an excellent achievement from the psychological point of view, as the team has rarely finished the season ahead of “Real”.

The Spanish championship is often compared to the English one but the proof of the strength of the first competition is regular victories of clubs in the international scene. The representatives of La Liga take the main club trophy of the Old World in four consecutive seasons. “Sevilla” and “Atlético” show successful results in the Europa League too. So, we still can see an intriguing performance at the championship, which means that we can expect a series of incredible confrontations with unexpected outcomes.

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