Make Cashless Travelling Your New Mantra – With Personal Line of Credit

When you’re planning a holiday or getaway, there’s always the question of how much cash you should bring with you. While you want to make sure you have enough money for all your needs, it isn’t safe or convenient to carry too much cash. A personal line of credit that you can use as a travel loan like the one you can get from MoneyTap is the perfect travel companion. It will always be there when you need it, and there are no extra hassles. It will cover all your expenses and you won’t have to worry aboutyour looking after your cash or about running out of money while being able to travel stress-free!

Here’s how:

1. Your Money Remains Safe – Carrying large amounts of cash isn’t safe, especially in unfamiliar locations. Practically every traveller has a story about getting stranded after being robbed or losing their belongings. Credit cards can be blocked if this happens. They also offer purchase protection against fraudulent transactions as well as loss/damage of items bought using the card.

2. It’s Far More Convenient – When you’re moving from place to place, the last thing you want to deal with is finding ATMs that accept international cards. Using credit to pay for most expenses is far easier, and won’t cost as much as charges for using ATMs abroad. When you do need cash, simply transfer funds into your account from a personal line of credit through your smartphone!

3. Credit is Accepted Globally – One of the biggest benefits of using credit instead of cash is that it’s a ‘universal currency’. Most credit cards are accepted by retail outlets, hotels and travel companies, dining establishments and various other merchants around the world. When you swipe your card for payment, your spends are automatically converted to the local currency.

4. Travel Becomes Stress-Free – Many credit cards offer travel insurance in addition to purchase protection, which can be very useful in situations such as flight/hotel cancellations or changes in booking, baggage loss, etc.Rather than trying to calculate how much cash you may need for both planned and unplanned expenses, going cashless lets you travel with zero stress and worry.

5. You Have a 24/7 Backup – A personal line of credit, prepaid card or credit card can give you instant access to funds in case of an emergency. Even if you aren’t carrying enough cash, you can pay for unexpected medical bills, spur-of-the-moment shopping or activities, buying replacement clothes and supplies if you lose your belongings or baggage, and just about anything else you need!

6. You Get Travel Rewards – Using a credit card for flight tickets, hotel bookings and other travel-related expenses can help you save money, because most cards offer discounts, cashback or loyalty points on these transactions. You can redeem loyalty or reward points for shopping, entertainment or travel vouchers in the future, along with accessing exclusive deals and offers as well.

Tip: When you’re using a credit instrument while traveling, make sure you check your balance regularly and report any suspicious activity right away.

MoneyTap’s personal line of credit is the most convenient way to go cashless, since you can swipe the credit card or make cash withdrawals through the credit line. Use it to plan your next trip and pay for travel expenses the easy way!

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