Most Authentic Taste Of India In The USA

Finding authentic delicacies from across the world isn’t always the easiest experience in the USA. Too often, traditional dishes are altered with extra spice, an abundance of salt and a dash or two of sugar and the true taste is quickly lost. However, deep amongst the bustling streets in some of the country’s greatest towns and cities sit a few hidden gems that truly offer a genuine insight into foreign foods without having to step on a plane. If you’re looking to visit the US with your US Esta but still want an authentic taste of India, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most authentic restaurants in the US.

Babu Ji

New York, New York – home to pizzas, burgers, corn dogs and more, this quintessentially American hub is not often thought of for its Indian cuisine but Babu Ji has offered quite the memorable experience for all those wanting to sample an authentic taste. Despite holding a modern design with plate presentation to rival that of Michelin star restaurants, the menu consists of warm traditional delicacies that’ll transport you straight back to the heart of India.

Bollywood Theatre

Right in the heart of Portland sits a teleport right to India – Bollywood Theatre is an incredible restaurant not only modelled after Indian culture but with a menu to rival even India itself. Chef Troy MacLarty took his inspiration from his many trips to India and as a result, much of the menu you’ll see is inspired directly by Mumbai and the rich foods found there. Everything is traditionally Indian, even down to the steel plates and cups you’ll use.

Chai Pani

Chai Pani, despite being a chain, is one of the most authentic tastes of India you’ll find outside of India regardless of where in the world you go. You’ll find a Chai Pani in Atlanta, Georgia & Asheville and North Carolina, where you can sample some of the most authentic-tasting Indian street food. From their incredible menu to the unique masala chai drink on offer, you’ll have plenty to fill and warm your stomach regardless of when you decide to visit.


While some ‘traditional’ Indian dishes are far from that, Cumin in Chicago takes these dishes and turns them into an authentic taste. With both Indian and Nepalese favourites right there for the choosing, you can switch between cultures and taste it all without having to give up any of the authenticity as you go. With a truly unique interior that offers a touch of the modern without giving up on the traditional, this is an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Indian Accent

Another New York restaurant, Indian Accent came over to America in 2016, just two years ago – but there’s a twist. Despite being a chain, this restaurant actually came straight out of Dehli! Just like Babu Ji, the plating alone is enough to trigger incredible wonder in any visitor, and that’s before you’ve had a true taste! Whatever choice you make from their menu, you’ll be treated to a genuine Indian dish straight out of the country and what’s more, they even serve delicate desserts to finish off the whole meal in style.

While America’s Indian food offering leaves a lot to be desired in some cases, there are some unique locations designed entirely to offer a truly genuine and believable taste of Indian cuisine. Where will you visit first?

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