Players Who Would Be High in Demand in IPL 2020 Auction

With each new year, the country is encircled by a plenitude of events or occasions, no matter what sphere of life it pertains to—religious events, political occurrences, new introductions in the industry of Bollywood—the spectral range of events occurring throughout the year is tremendously wide.

Over the past decade, it has been observed that a certain cricket tournament is being hailed as the holy grail of annual events, and in this cricket-ridden country, it seems more like a festival than an event altogether. The IPL not only activates the Dream XI fanatics all over the country, but also rejuvenates online betting websites and discussion forums, where people compare betting sites at betrallyindia. Not only is there an implosion in these websites, but social media is seen to be brimming with armchair analysts!

The BCCI announced that the auctions for the 2020 edition of the IPL would be held on December 19, 2019. This calls for a great deal of scrutiny into the world of cricket and specifically into the performances of cricketers over the span of 2019 that has almost reached its point of termination. Here are a few players that will most likely be sought after by most franchises if not all.

Shahrukh Khan

Does this mean that the King of Romance will now be seen on the cricket pitch? Jokes apart, this Tamil Nadu youngster not only shares his name with the greatest actor of all time, but also shares the same amount of potential the actor had in his days of youth. Hailing from Tamil Nadu, this youngster has struck the right chords when it comes to proving his mettle on the field. Famous (or infamous) for hitting out-of-the-park sixes, Shahrukh seems to be one of those few youngsters who will be sought after by the bigger franchises. With an average strike rate of 138.53 in the TNPL, it is highly probable for this youngster to become the rightful King of the IPL, owing to his name.

Sheldon Cottrell

The Jamaican professional has been in the limelight ever since his signature march became rather illustrious—which maybe celebratory in nature, but unknowingly throws light on his bowling prowess too. Being the strike bowler for the Windies, Cottrell has never let his team down, be it with knocking out the stumps, or the ball out of the park on certain occasions. His performance in the 2019 World Cup only increases the probability of him being one of the highest paid bowlers in this year’s IPL.

Kane Richardson

One of the most phenomenal fast bowlers the Big Bash has to offer, Kane Richardson should ideally be one of the top picks for teams such as the Kolkata Knight Riders, who have had a scarring experience when it comes to proficiency in death-over bowling. The major upside that Richardson possesses is his technical knowledge when it comes to understanding Indian conditions that can get tricky sometimes, and hence requires proper learning, which Richardson is equipped with, owing to his experience in abundance. The 28-year-old has been rather fierce in his stance when it comes to all-out fast bowling, and has dismissed quite the many elite batsmen time and time again, and if properly utilised (after auctioning), Richardson stands a high chance of being the best bowler this year’s IPL has to offer.

Brandon King

Possibly the King when it comes to openers in the Caribbean Premier League, Brandon King is one such batsman who is always in the high-priority lists of the big guns of the IPL, especially considering how mammoth strike rate of 145 in the CPL, with a personal best of an unbeaten 132 * of 72 balls that led his team into the finals for the fifth time in history. Playing such a pivotal role in his team in the CPL is a good enough reason for selectors to fix their sights on this right-handed opener.

Ben Stokes

Even the most uninitiated members of the cricket world have heard this name. No matter how well keyboard warriors can defend their teams in online forums, a general consensus will most definitely reveal a congregation of fans rooting for Ben Stokes. Rightly hailed as the reason behind England’s controversial victory over New Zealand in the World Cup 2019, Ben Stokes not only proves his worth with the ball and on the field, but also holds his own when it comes to providing the much needed knock when the situation demands, especially in arduous situations that generally require a high metric of batting prowess to ensure the team’s victory. Ben Stokes is one of the most conditioned cricketers when it comes to playing in Indian conditions, and hence his bidding value skyrocketing should not come as a surprise to most.

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