Poker Playing Dogs

Poker is one of the most popular real casino card games of this time. The game has taken the world by storm. Internet gambling and mobile betting have made the game to spread. There is now are larger number of people that have access to these games because of the online revolution. Even someone earning a very basic wage can afford to play premium poker games at best rated online casinos. The reason is that there is no travelling required in order to play the games. A lot of other expenses are cut out because the games are played on mobile smart devices and desktop computers.

Poker Jokes

As a popular human pastime, there are a large number of jokes based on poker. Somehow as a species we like to make fun of the things around us. This humor is the reason that a lot people are always smiling. Which is a good thing as this improves the ability of the body to fight of diseases and heal itself.

The majority of poker jokes have something to do with bluffing and tell signs, two of the game’s most recognizable characteristics. Currently there is a steady increase in the number of poker versions that do not involve the two actions. Such games are played against the dealer and not other players.

Dogs Playing Poker

The idea of man’s best friend participating in the most complicated human activities has captivated the minds of people for thousands of years. There are stories of dogs doing extraordinary things. Some of these stories are true while some are just the product of fiction.

Many jokes about poker involve animals. None of our neighbors from the animal kingdom are more popular in these stories than the dog. The jokes often lead you to think that the dog is special or it has unique abilities. But the punch line of the joke shows that gamblers will be gamblers as they only notice things that help them get an edge over their opponents. Such as the poker playing dog waging its tail every time it gets a good hand.

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