Popular Sports in India

India is a country that is known for its love of sport and has many sporting teams competing at world class level. Those who play sports in India are passionate and dedicated players, and they are supported by legions of loyal fans. From team sports to individual pursuits, the sports that are played are as diverse as the great country itself. Here is a look at some of the most popular sports in India.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports to play and watch in India, and if a big national game is being played, millions of viewers tune in to watch on their televisions. Sportskeeda mentions how cricket in India has become an industry where its players have celebrity status, and as once it was a sport of the elite, the prestige of the game makes it appealing to many. Some people like to make bets on big matches, and Unibet is one example of where you can get involved and play along for fun.


Soccer, or football, is a sport that is also very popular in India, and interest in it keep on growing. The Indian Soccer League has teams that have devoted fans, and the national team is growing stronger in its performance. Soccer in India is also getting more coverage, thanks to the influence of Bollywood film stars, who show their support for their favorite national and international teams.


As a spectator sport, badminton has everything that captures the attention of an Indian audience. It has faced paced action, and there is incredible drama when matches are close. It is no wonder that big matches get the attention of the whole nation, as The Indian Economic Times reports! Most will have been familiar with badminton from an age, making it almost as popular as cricket.

Field Hockey

Known as the national game of India, field hockey has a long history of being played in the country. India won eight Olympic gold medals in the sport, as well as one silver and two bronze medals. Despite India’s success, interest in the sport is dwindling, with more people choosing to watch cricket and football.


Kabaddi is an indigenous and ancient Indian sport that is like a mixture of wrestling and tag put together. A game that almost every Indian person will have played growing up, kabaddi players need skill, muscle, and speed, and at a national level is only played by the fittest of athletes. A thrilling game for spectators, kabaddi has blossomed as a nationally recognized sport. Having dominated many international competitions in the sport, Indians feel a great deal of pride in their achievements as a sporting nation.

India is a nation that loves its sport, and with more people having access to televisions in the country than ever before, it means that interest in lots of different sports is growing. Rather than being a country known for a passion in a single sport, Indian citizens and youths have more opportunities to try new sports. As investment into sport grows, India is becoming a nation to contend with on the international sporting circuits.

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