Safe Cycling in India

There are heaps of articles online that go on and on about how unsafe it can be to cycle your way through India. But are they true? Let’s look at some of the risks that cyclists might have to face if they choose this means of transportation whenever they’re in India.


Traffic issues are widespread in this country, and they’ve reached such an extent that it’s almost impossible to tell whether any of the drivers on Indian roads are in accordance with the driving legislation. While it is true that some roads are downright apocalyptic, there are many areas where this is not true.

In busy cities like New Delhi, you might not want to ride your bike if you want to stay safe and avoid getting in some sort of conflict with a driver. Much like in some other parts of the world, car drivers have a somewhat bizarre perspective on cyclists, and it’s like the latter shouldn’t even be allowed to ride on the same road as cars. On top of that, many Indian drivers think of traffic regulations as suggestions instead of real laws.


Over the past years, there have been several alarming reports about crimes happening in India. But believe it or not, these things happen everywhere. If you’re an American and think of your own country as a safe place, you’re in the wrong. Mass shootings rarely occur in India, just to give you a point to mull over.

Only truly heinous crimes are showcased by the media, but there are seven million tourists visiting the country every year. Therefore, the percentage is very slim. But when you’re on the bike, you can become the victim of petty theft, though, so always make sure that your belongings are kept as close to your body as possible so that you can watch or feel them appropriately.

Wear protective equipment

As you’ll probably notice, there are many people in India that can’t be bothered with wearing a helmet even when they drive their scooters. That doesn’t mean that you have to do the same. On the one hand, if you come from a country with a mild climate, you’re probably going to find it hard to adjust to the downright scorching temperatures in some parts of India.

You always need to wear your helmet, and if you also have the convenience of a pair of gloves for mountain biking, do wear them, too. Moreover, you can add knee and elbow protectors to your ensemble to make sure that you’re always safe.

Protective equipment goes a long way in keeping you safe and sound, and you’ll feel grateful for having worn it, especially the next time when you risk colliding with any type of object, person, or vehicle on the road.

As a final note, we also suggest that you wear appropriate clothing. If you’ve ever seen the clothing style of native Indians, you’ve probably noticed that they wear clothes that are airy and somewhat baggy and that they avoid dark colors. You should try to do the same.

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