Some Of India’s Stunning Hidden Gems Tourists Need To Know More About

India is quite popular among tourists from all around the world and it is really easy to understand exactly why since there are so many incredible attractions that people can enjoy. It is enough to look at pictures of the stunning Taj Mahal and you will consider a visit. However, if you already visited the major attractions or you just want something different, what should you consider? This is the question we try to answer by highlighting some hidden gems in India that are surely worth seeing you charter a motor yacht and planning your own trip there.


Amristar is a Punjab city that is renowned because it is Sikh Religion center. Because of this, there are numerous temples one can visit, with The Golden Temple (locally known as Harimandir Sahib) being the most popular one. It was built in the year 1803, straight out of bronze, white marble and gold leaf. Temple walls feature semi-precious stores and the design is perfectly complemented by frescoes and glasswork. You need to wear traditional headscarves to enter and you need to go through a pool (it is shallow) but it is surely worth it.

Ladakh And Leh

Ladakh is a rather vast highland desert, located between the Himalayas and Karakoram Mountains. Leh is the name of the capital of the region. In many cases people refer to it as being “Little Tibet” because some parts do feel as if nobody went there for ages. During winter the region cannot be accessed by road so you can be sure that you will be faced with a region that was built based on tradition and local customs.

If you decide to visit, be sure you spend some time at Leh Palace since it offers great views and do walk around the old town area since it has an authentic bazaar atmosphere. If you love gompas, move outside of the city to visit Tikse, Hemis and Shey. If venturing outside of Leh, also consider Stok Palace.


Jaisalmer is perfectly located on a hill with a flat top. It is a medieval town that was walled and can be found in Thar. What is interesting is that the landscape is generally desolate but as soon as you see Jaisalmer you are stunned by its beauty. This is why it is among the most-loved attractions of Rajasthan. You will enter through foreboding gates, only to explore an intricate network of streets and alleyways featuring many little shops. Temples are present and a part of the local palace can be visited by tourists.


Few people know about Ooty since it is locally known as Udhagamandalam. It is actually a hill station that was built by the British in Tamil Nadu. Practically, you are right in the middle of tea country. When visiting be sure that you learn about the history of the area and you consider walking around to see the strong colonial influences and the maintained botanical gardens. You can go horse raiding on lovely trails and boating is available on the local lake.

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