The Ultimate Guide to Popular Gambling Options in India

Gambling practices in the country have risen significantly since the turn of the century, and there are no signs of decreasing tendencies. India is a rather new and unexploited market that has been largely limited by legal provisions with regards to this form of entertainment, which is all the more reason to seek proper guidance.

There are several considerations that need to be addressed properly, in relation to the specific gambling market in question. People interested in taking part in specific games of luck and chance will need to be informed on several matters. For one, it is crucial that they are familiar with the legality of the practices, both at a national and local level. Plus, it helps to be able to identify the most secure and trustworthy venues for the purpose. The same goes for insight into the operators’ terms for specific games, and what sets them apart from the industry majority.

Legal Gambling in India

Before making any attempts to gamble in India today, you need to go back to 1867, or at least the Public Gaming Act of that day and age. Back when the country had been under British jurisdiction, ten of the states were regulated by this legal document, and despite the many changes that have ensued, it is still valid and enforceable up until today.

The general rules dictated by this document are rather ambiguous, especially when it comes to distinguishing between games of chance and of skill. Namely, the Public Gaming Act’s specific wording applies its restrictions to the former, while disregarding the latter as completely unrelated to an actual form of gambling. As a result, many have interpreted it as if betting on a roll of the dice is complete chance and thus illegal, while the outcome of a game of cricket can be subject to it. Once the country’s constitution got involved with its own definition of gambling, the Act’s span has drastically widened.

Nevertheless, persistence and legal argumentation have managed to bring gambling legality at separate locations – Goa and Sikkim. Nowadays, residents of India are only able to enjoy a select range of gaming action at brick-and-mortar establishments, floating casino floors and online platforms. The legal situation regarding the last of the three is by far the least defined, even though there is a regulative –
The Information Technology Act of 2000 – that attempts to somewhat define the area. Regardless, contrasts have been noted across distinct states, with Sikkim being the most progressive as their government has even obtained the authority to issue licenses to online operators.

Gambling Venues in India

With online gambling being far from developed in this country, land-based gambling venues are the optimal choice for residents of India and its visitors. These have been getting more and more frequency by the day, and the main reason is found in their constant drive to improve and progress. While the number seems to be increasing with much the same progression, there are still a few establishments that stand out from the rest. Some put emphasis on their variety of games, while others tend to focus on specific ones in order to provide a more dedicated service. With these and other criteria involved in the selection, it is best to go through them and choose the one that fits your player character specifically.

Casino Carnival – Accessibility is what this operator is all about, which is why it has aimed to provide its services at multiple venues – both inside the Goa Marriot at Miramar Beach, and as a floating casino boat upon the Mandovi River. Despite being dispersed into two separate locations, these establishments are widely famous for their epic slot game variety, although there is no shortage on table games and additional gambling action.

Casino Pride – Another riverboat casino along the coast of the Mandovi River, in Panjim, is the Casino Pride. Covering a massive territory of 10,000 square feet, this casino offers prime gambling and entertainment services, at the same time keeping things as casual as possible with a relaxed dress code and even a Kids’ area, showing everyone that there is something for the whole family, and at the same time refuting some of the biggest stereotypes about gambling.

Dunes Casino – As part of the Zuri White Sands Resort, The Dunes casino has become a permanent presence in Goa. The exclusivity of the resort itself is not as emphasized as its drive to meet all player and customer needs. While they are still some way away from finalizing their game selection, the situation so far shows they have a good start.

Chances Casino & Resort – To contrast the first two river-based establishments, both the third and fourth option refer to actual resorts and brick-and-mortar casinos. The Chances Casino and Resort in Panjim has an interesting program which combines both entertainment and gambling services, tailored specifically for performance nights.

All that is left is to choose the one that best fits your physical location, game preference, and the availability of additional entertainment options, should you require any, and you are good to gamble in India.

Online Gambling Venues in India

While there are a few operators that have established themselves as India’s top choices, residents there should be aware of the general predispositions for a reliable online casino operator before rushing to the first one that meets basic requirements. The following list of points is by no means complete, especially since novel approaches and the consequential online casino elements alternate constantly, but when it comes to going back to basics, it is irrevocably obligatory that the site is:

Licensed and regulated by relevant authorities;

Equipped with a variety of gaming options;

Able to meet the needs of a wider player base;

Offering sufficient player traffic to keep games and tables alive, especially at peak times;

Running on proven fair gambling software;

Interactive, and offers clear pathways to multiple contacts and support options, etc.

Now that live dealer casino gaming is slowly shifting its status from revolutionary to mandatory, the need for constant additions and improvements is more than evident. Still, without reliability, security and transparency among online casinos targeting Indian gambling markets, even the Las Vegas and Macao combined game selection would ultimately witness player satisfaction slipping through the cracks.

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