How to Transform Yourself from a Tourist to a Traveler

Are all those who travel, travelers? This is a very confusing question that has sparked many a debate. When we are travelling to a new destination we are often called tourist. So are tourist travelers? Well essentially, they are travelling but no, they cannot be called travelers in the true sense of the term. This gap between the two terms came into debate with the growing popularity of travel blogging. According to experts at Writing Done, travelers can write great travel blogs while tourists only accumulate memories. If you acknowledge yourself as a tourist, here are a few things you can make note of in order to transform yourself from a tourist to a traveler.

Have good savings

If you plan o travelling, start saving. As a tourist you might have a specific plan and will know your financial cost of the trip. But if you are a traveler, each day is going to bring a set of surprises that you need to be ready for financially.

Research about the place of visit

Before you even start planning the trip, make sure to research about it well. The best thing to do in case of research is to go online and look through the details of the place. This will help you to form an idea about the place and plan your trip according. But make sure that you do not over plan, as you will miss out of the true spirit if you try to stick to certain things.

Make your own bookings

Rather than depending on some particular travel agents, it is advised that you do your bookings yourself. When you are planning your own trip you will be able to do all the things you want at your own time. This will help you to spend more time in places you like or skip places you feel you don’t like much.

Travel the path less trodden

You need to travel to unknown places that will help you to get a better idea about the place. Travelling is all about learning and experiencing new things. So it is very important to go to places that are less trodden and away from the touristy places.

Go to local places

The more local places you visit the better a traveler you will become. When you are going round to places that are the haunts of locals, it automatically gives you a true sense of the place.

Eat street food

The cuisine of a place is best experience through local street food. So make sure to indulge in all the different types of street food available in the places you visit.
Being a tourist is not wrong but if you want to cherish the true essence of the place you are visiting, you need to make sure that you are establishing yourself as a traveler. His will help you to get to know the place in a much broader sense. Communicate with the locals and mingle with them, in order to know the spirit of any destination!

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