Should You Travel to Europe or India Next Summer?

If you feel more drained after a relaxing trip overseas than you did before you left, you are most likely to be planning your next exciting adventure. Having accepted that it’s time to go back to reality, the big decision is whether to travel to Europe or India next summer.

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There are a number of reasons why travelling to Europe is a good idea. From Paris and London to the Amalfi Coast and Rome, Europe is a treasure home to a multiple unforgettable travel experiences waiting to be revealed.

Europe is great for travellers on a budget as well as those who want to indulge in a five star luxury hotel for a week or two not matter whether you have a head for heights or are craving to lay on a white-sandy beach surrounded by tropical palms and inflatable flamingos.

Spain is still one of the world’s greatest holiday destinations, having attracted more than 75.3 million tourists in 2016 alone. Not only is it cheap despite the pounds hit against the euro due to Brexit, there’s guaranteed sun and some of the best beaches in the world are in fact situated along the coast of Spain. Some of the most top-rated tourist attractions are in Spain, including The Alhambra and Generalife Gardens in Granada and Seville Cathedral and Alcazar.

If you want to travel a little further, India could be the ideal destination for you. India could be a fantastic step out of your comfort zone. In as little as 9 hours, you could be landing in New Delhi.

There are multiple reason why India should be your next holiday destination. Not only do you have the opportunity to stay in a palace and live like a Mughal King, you can experience the madness of Delhi – India’s capital city.

Delhi is one of the only cities in India which has perfectly preserved its historic roots, despite turning into a commercial metropolitan. Some of the most popular attractions include Qutub Minar, the India Gate and the Tughlakabad Fort.

It’s a place you need to visit at least one in your lifetime. It will give you a different perspective on life. Not only will you find out how to appreciate what you take for granted back at home, but make you realise how fortunate you are to live the life you lead.

Plus, the architecture and history behind each building you walk past is thoroughly enjoyable to hear about and is fascinating. It really is nothing but a magical location beaming with life, palaces, temples, mosques and ancient ruins.

Spirituality and Religion are highly respected in India. Despite Hinduism being the dominant religion in India, it is more than just that; it’s a way of life. There are a number of places where visitors are welcomed to practice, meditate or spend respected time at an ashram – a spiritual hermitage.

No matter where you decide to travel next summer, be sure to check out your options for the best city breaks to the two-three week holidays of a lifetime. The world is a big place, and with so many unique destinations to choose from, we hope you have a better understanding of what both India and Europe has to offer.

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