Trip To The UAE: 7 Best Resorts

India is not only hosting guests, its citizens are active travelers as well. Due to the huge population, the outbound flow of Indian tourists is a plum for any country.


The Asian destinations are particularly famous among vacationists from India. The United Arab Emirates and Singapore are at the top of this list. And so, we are presenting you with a brief overview of the best places for a beach vacation on the Persian Gulf coast.



Dubai is a multifaceted emirate and is the best choice for those who have never visited the UAE before. It is close to other emirates and it is easy to go on excursions from here. The city itself has lots of attractions as well. It is not a challenge to choose a hotel with any budget, from modest to large. Dubai is one of the favorite shopping destinations. The city is full of malls, skyscrapers, and luxury cars. So if you decide to rent one, you will have such an opportunity.

For those who prefer to stay on the seacoast, we advise visiting Jumeirah. The world-renowned Burj Al Arab hotel and Atlantis hotel are located here.

Abu Dhabi


There is an opinion that it is preferable to spend holidays in Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates. It resembles Dubai by many things: the same ultra-modern metropolis with incredible buildings, excellent resorts, shopping malls, attractions.

If you simply want to lie in the sun, then Abu Dhabi has everything for that. The seashores are clean and suitable even for kids.



Some vacationists consider that you can find the best beach vacation only in Sharjah. The emirate is the cultural center and an ideal spot for a family holiday. Lots of greenery and wonderful beaches replace you noisy and bustling Dubai. Moreover, a trip to Sharjah is less expensive.

However, this emirate has its own rules and prohibitions. It is allowed to sunbathe in a bikini only on hotel beaches. For nonhotel guests, the entrance is paid. Sharjah is the oldest emirate of seven others, so you are welcome to visit local museums (archaeological, ethnographic, historical).



The most suitable emirate for families with kids or privacy lovers! Fujairah is the calmest and quiet among others emirates. Large-scale tourism has not yet reached this region at all.

It is worth going to this emirate just for the sake of beach rest, snorkeling, and diving. Fujairah is famous for its private wide and clean sandy shores. The best ones are in the north, where it is better to snorkel and dive.



Ajman is an alternative to the first three emirates. Certainly, there are no amazing skyscrapers, grand mosques, and entertainment parks here. Nevertheless, if you simply want a quiet and comparatively cheap rest on the seacoast, then the emirate of Ajman is for you.

The beaches are clean with fine white sand and all the necessary infrastructure. A generous amount of hotels, cafes, and restaurants are ready to serve you.

Ras Al Khaimah


In this unpopular among travelers, but very bright emirate, you can spend a nice holiday. There are still no skyscrapers and luxurious malls, but there is plenty of natural, cultural, and historical sights. The infrastructure is well-developed – hotels, shops, cafes, everything is enough. You can stay both in regular hotels on the first coastline and in non-standard accommodation.

Umm Al Quwain


Where else can you relax in the UAE in a variety of ways? In Umm Al Quwain plenty of entertainment is offered for almost all categories of tourists. The infrastructure is highly developed, but the resort is quiet and serene.


The Emirates has a dry subtropical climate and here rarely rains. The best time for the visit is October and November when the thermometer drops to + 30 °C. But prices are the highest during these very months. We wish you a wonderful trip!

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