Variety Of Bonuses In Online Casinos

More people are choosing to play at online casinos than ever before and, with everything from exciting blackjack offerings to enthralling roulette tables on offer, the world of online gambling is more diverse than ever.

All of this is great news for players, with competition between sites driving up the quality of bonus offers provided by casinos. Whether a set number of free spins or even free cash to play with as you like, there is a seriously wide variety of bonuses on offer across the online casino world.

In this article, we will take a look at the variety of bonuses in online casinos across the web, taking in a range of bonus types and sites. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at our selection of the variety of bonuses in online casinos…

What is an online casino bonus?

In short, a bonus in the context of online casinos is any kind of offer provided by a site in addition to their standard service. These bonuses are often used as an incentive to either sign up or remain a member of the site. In some cases, players who spend a particular amount of cash per month will also be awarded a special bonus.

Let’s take a closer look at the different types of bonuses in online casinos…

Welcome Bonus

The most common type of bonus in online casinos is the welcome bonus, which provides players with an immediate return on their first deposit. Usually, this takes the form of a 100% return on their first deposit, so if you deposit £100, you will automatically receive an extra £100 with which to play. Some casinos offer a 50% bonus that applies to higher fees than the 100% offering, so players looking to place high wagers from the off should bear this in mind.

No Deposit Bonus

Although an increasingly rare type of bonus in online casinos, the No Deposit Bonus is an extremely exciting offer that provides new players with free funds with which to play. The most attractive part of a No Deposit Bonus in online casinos is the fact that players do not need to deposit anything in order to quality for the free funds, which usually come to £5 or £10 in total.

Monthly Bonuses

This type of bonus has become more common in recent years as online casinos look to keep hold of as many players as possible. Essentially, the monthly bonus works by casinos providing players with either free cash or free spins depending on how much they spend and/or play at that casino. Those who play/spend more can expect to receive bonus on a weekly or even daily basis. Certainly, there are not many online casinos that continue to offer this type of bonus publicly, with many preferring to send private emails or texts to qualifying players.

All in all, the variety of bonuses in online casinos is wide and varied, with most offering an enticing welcome bonus and others providing additional incentives in the form of either no deposit bonuses and/or monthly bonuses.

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