Website Development In India

When a country enjoys a 5% increase per year in its software exports in this software driven period, then that country is actually doing so well in this sector. There is no gainsaying that majority of people across the globe prefer to outsource their web development jobs to developers in India. This country has become the outsourcing hub of the world in this sector, because of the giant strides its developers have been able to achieve in the recent past. However, there are some trends that are very prevalent in web development in India, and some of them are listed below.


Interactive Info Graphics

This is one of the prevalent trends in web development in India. The concept of visualization has taken over in the country. This has sent the old method of leaving static blocks of text everywhere. So, you will likely experience amazing colour visuals than plain texts when you outsource your job to an Indian developer. This is a welcome development, and it is one of the things that have been selling them. Here, you will experience more of diagrams and animations passing the message that block texts would have, in a more aesthetic manner.

Mobile Responsive Web

The use of mobile devices to access the web has come to stay. More than 85% of web users in India do this with mobile devices. This figure has been on the increase and moved from 1.5 hours per day to 3 hours in 2015. Even the most popular apps have sought for ways of tapping into this. That’s exactly why Facebook came with the Facebook lite. Even the casino websites have also keyed into this so that people can now play mobile casino at with no qualms. This has shifted the Indian web development world into the mobile sector. So, almost all of them can now design mobile friendly sites.

Content Centric Forms

Another trend that is becoming popular is the design method where contents are positioned in the centre of the entire web pages. These are designed with very smooth and beautiful textures, with some graphic debts, and placed as the centre of attraction on each page. They come with multi-color tones that enhance the aesthetic appeal.


Flat Designs

In the bid to mix aesthetics with utility and efficiency, flat designs have taken over the web development world of India. The major reason for this is to ensure that web pages load faster while weighing less. It started last year and will overshadow this present year.

Domain Names That Are Specific To Regions

Region specific domain names have become very popular in India. So, you will see a majority of the websites developed in this country coming with the .in extension instead of the general .com. While this is the trend in India, it is not only for Indian hosted websites. Many firms outside the country use it to attract customers from this country. They have the population of course, so, you need them.


Material Web Design

This trend that was introduced by Google in 2014 made the highest impact so far in 2016. One of the places where this impact is noticed is in India, and there is every reason to believe that with the appeal of flat designs, this will increase in 2017.  So, you will see more of nice overlaps, realistic shadows, and lesser effects on other aspects of the website while great interaction happens.

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