Which Casino Games Are Most Popular In Which Countries

Casino gaming has been quite popular across the globe. It is a thrilling activity that keeps attracting players with different gaming needs. With advancements in the casino industry and the changing business environment, you can now play at the comfort of your home or on the move. Online casinos offer a realistic experience, similar to that of a real casino. Furthermore, there are plenty of games to play in different countries. Certain games are however more popular in specific countries, a fact that makes gaming even more exciting for players.


Blackjack is an exciting casino game that is quite popular across Europe. It is widely loved in the region and played in all licensed casinos. The game is thrilling, easy to play and offers great bucks as long as you are familiar with the gaming rules, develop the right strategy and play like an expert. Europeans love blackjack because it is straight forward, target-oriented and you always have more chances of winning if you get your moves right.


Which Casino Games Are Most Popular in Which Countries

Slots have a rich history in different countries. They are however extremely popular in New Zealand and Australia. For gamers, slots are known as pokies, a name derived due to the unique set up of machines in these countries compared to the US and many other gambling destinations. Often, AU and NZ online slot feature five reels and players get extra casino bonus and games to explore upon winning.

In Australia, pokies can be played in bars, in online casinos and land-based platforms.

In New Zealand, slot machines are designed to enhance quality gaming and prevent addiction. Pokies have unique features in NZ because they notify you of the time you have been playing, the money lost and much more to help you keep track of your gaming.


Across Asia, casino gaming has been quite popular for many years now. In Japan, Pachinko is a popular game that has continued to attract many players who want to play in well known land casinos and online. For many Americans, Pachinko is popularly known as a blend of pinball and one-armed bandit. Either way, for many gamers, it is easy to play manually or on online casinos because of its unique features. To play, you need to shoot different balls and ensure they all land in one of the pockets. With all the balls in the pocket, go ahead and trigger the bandit for the reels to start spinning.

The beauty of Pachinko is that it is a game of luck, therefore, you do not have to develop a strategy before or as you play.


More than 50 per cent of casino players in France love to play Belote. It is a game with a rich history spanning over 100 years and it is characterized by a combination of a King and a Queen. Based on your preference, you can play at a real casino environment or online for a more thrilling experience. When playing Belote, you need to keep in mind; set rules that include having four players to start the game. In most modern casino setups, 2 to 5 players can play. While visiting France, you may want to spare some time to visit one of the casinos to experience the thrill of Belote casino game.


Baccarat is a popular game across the globe but more popular in New Zealand and most Asian countries. For most gamers in these countries, each can attest to the fact that Baccarat is thrilling when played in an online or land-based platform. For most Asians, it is a game of luck and they love it because they truly trust in fate. When playing Baccarat, winning on a strategy is not guaranteed but it is a case of luck.

Therefore, whether you are seasoned or a new gamer, there are no specific skills needed for Baccarat. It is, however, crucial that you familiarize yourself with gaming rules, test and trust in your fortune. Keep in mind that gaming rules may differ from one gaming platform to the other.

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