8 Best Food Centered Vacations

An important component of any vacation is trying the local cuisine. Here are some destinations that offer food that will keep you out of your hotel room and in the dining room.

1. Mexico

Mexico offers many distinct cultural flavors, including food found in Puerto Vallarta. As a tourist destination, Puerto Vallarta has attracted many talented chefs preparing traditional Mexican cuisine. A fabulous dish to try is Birria. It includes lamb meat served in a spicy sauce of cumin, oregano and ginger. It’s served with a side of tortillas. The best way to enjoy food in this region is to hop aboard a Puerto Vallarta cruise.

2. Indian

Indian food is heavier on the spices than almost any other flair of cuisine. For anyone who’s never had Indian food, the first bites can be too much for the palate, but once the taste is acquired, much like red wine, most people find themselves craving it. Order dishes with dal, which is a lentil, and try a delicious side of naan. Naan is flatbread that incorporates Greek yogurt to give it a fluff texture.

3. Italy

Perhaps one of the most popular ethnic cuisines in the United States, Italian food just makes the soul feel good, but especially when eaten in Italy. In Italy there are two types of pizza crust: Neopolitan or Roman. Neopolitan is thick and fluffy while Roman is thin and crispy. The modern pizza was born in Naples, though this is debated, and a good pizza should consist of tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and one or two more toppings.

4. Turkey

Turkish food is a fusion of Ottoman Empire with Asian and Mediterranean influences. When people think of Turkish food kebabs might be the first image to come to mind. Kebabs are great, but you’ve also got to try kofta. This minced meat dish has the consistency of a meatloaf and is mixed with onions and other herbs and spices. Pide is a stone oven bread that is shaped like a boat. It can be topped like a pizza and can be found throughout turkey.

5. Japan

Japanese cuisine combines traditional practices with influences from the east and west. Ramen and sushi are perhaps the best known cuisines coming out of Japan, but they’re even better when served in Japan. The ramen isn’t just noodles. Also tossed in are bean sprouts and soft boiled egg. In Japan, sushi can be purchased for 1 US dollar per roll.

6. Thailand

There are many distinct cultures in Thailand and no two cultures will prepare the same dish exactly alike. Pad Thai is one of those dishes that varies by region. Pad Thai is made from rice noodles with tapioca flour. The noodles are mixed with eggs and tofu and flavored with tamarind pulp, fish sauce, dried shrimp, shallots, red pepper and palm sugar. It can be served with copped roasted peanuts.

7. South Africa

South African food is a conglomerate of various influences, including indigenous, French, Indian and Malaysian. Try biltong and droewors for truly indigenous flavor. Meet from beef or game is dry cured in mix of spices and then hung to dry. It’s high in protein and low on fat. For a light dish, try chakalaka and pap. This vegetable dish of peppers, onions, carrots, beans and tomatoes, topped with spices is served cold and topped with a porridge mixture made from white corn maize.

8. Spain

Each region of Spain is unique, and so are the food offerings. Catalonia has a rich food culture that offers one-of-a-kind recipes. The biggest meal Catalans eat is lunch, often with three courses to fill them up until they can enjoy a late dinner, and they do eat dinner late, usually after 9 pm. The food is simple with basic seasonings. A delicious dish to try would be esquiexada, which is shredded salt cod mixed with vegetables to create a salt that is bursting with flavor. Add bread rubbed with tomato in order to really fit in. Great meals can be had around the globe. No matter where you travel, always attempt to get to know the local cuisine. Then when you have it in the United States, compare and see where you liked it better.

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