Top 10 Indian Institutes of Management Colleges in India

The Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) are the primary institutes of India where courses for Undergraduate, Postgraduate ,Doctoral and Executive Education programmes are offered to the candidates.

The first IIM was established in Calcutta in the year 1961 with a collaboration between MIT Sloan Institute School of Management, the Ford Foundation and the Govt. of West Bengal. And now the current count of IIM’s is at 20 . The ranking of these IIM’s depend on various factors which are strictly followed by the Gov’t of India. Updating the list of best management colleges in India, HRD minister Ramesh Pokhriyal has released the list on June 11, 2020.

The ranking by NIRF have been prepared mainly on the basis of 5 parameters; teaching, learning & resources, research and professional practice, graduation outcomes, outreach and inclusivity, and perception.

1. IIM Ahmedabad

IIMA is located in Gujrat, India and was established on 11 December 1961. This was done with the active collaboration between Harvard Business School and Govt of India with the help of important members of the Indian community.
It is one of the priciest IIM’S with the highest course fee of 23L INR and is at the top position in the category.The alumni of IIMA boasts of eight Padma awards which were bestowed upon K.V Kamath, CK Prahalad, Kiran Karnik among others.

2.IIM Bangalore

This institute of National Importance was founded in 1973 and was the third IIM to be established after IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Calcutta.
In addition to the regular academic programmes that it offers, the institute is also involved in facilitating research, offers consultation services and organizes academic seminars and conferences.

The notable alumni hold big positions at various prestigious firms across the world such as K Radhakrishnan who has been the head of ISRO , and business executives such as Ravi Subramaniam and Sameer Suneja.

3.IIM Calcutta

Know as the first IIM to be established in India, this prestigious institution was recognized as an Institute of National Importance in 2017 by the Govt of India. It is one of the three business schools which has been accredited thrice and the first one to do so.

IIM Calcutta is the only business school in India which is a part of the CEMS Global Alliance in Management Education. CEMS is a global cooperation of leading business schools with multinational companies and NGO’s,
Since 2011 IIM Calcutta has been awarding Distinguished Alumni Award to to alumni who have made immense contributions in the fields of Management, Academy, Public service, Social Service.

4.IIM Lucknow

IIM Lucknow was established by the government of India in 1984 as the fourth IIM institution by the Govt of India.It has a second campus in Noida, Uttar Pradesh as well where the one year MBA programme is taught exclusively.

It has served as a mentor to various newly ESTABLISHED IIM’s such as IIM Kashipur, IIM Rohtak etc. And it also has a tie up with various B-Schools across the world for student exchange.Notable alumni include Annamaai K, who has been an ex IPS officer and Gayatri Iyer who is a playback singer.

5. IIM Kozhigode

The fifth IIM is located in a state which is often referred to as “God’s own Country”. The institute was established in 1996 and one of the highest ranking colleges in India.

The institute focuses on developing an analytical thinking along with imparting knowledge on global and cross cultural issues.IIM Kozhigode is a pioneer as the institute supports a gender diverse college and has always more reserved seats for women , a feat which many colleges have still failed to replicate.

6. IIM Indore

Established in 1996, this institute is located in the state of Madhya Pradesh and is one of the finest business schools in the country.Prominent alumni include Rahul Razdan, who is the CEO of JIO Chat and Joseph Radhik who is a renowned photographer.

7. IIM Trichy

The Indian Institute of Management of Tiruchirapalli was established in 2011 during the Govt’s eleventh five year plan.Along with offering world class education to management aspirants the college also offers a robust one year executive programs along with a focus on International Seminars.

8. IIM Udaipur

Established in 2011 in the backdrop of picturesque Udaipur, IIMU is one of the most sought after business school’s as it is one of the most busiest tourist destination’s of all India.The institute has been ranked in top 15 management institutes by Ministry of Human Resource Development and is one of the nine institutes accredited AACSB in India.

9. IIM Raipur

IIM Raipur or IIM-RR was established by the Govt of India in 2010 in the state of Chattisgarh and was the tenth IIM to be established.The classes OF IIM Raipur are commencing again through it’s new campus in New Raipur and offers both full time and part time academic programmes.

10. IIM Ranchi

Inaugurated on 6 July 2010, this institution also has the right to design it’s own curriculum and can hire the appropriate faculty for the job.

Indian Institutes of Management offer postgraduate, doctoral and education programmes, Top IIMs—such as IIM Ahmedabad, IIM Banglore and IIM Calcutta —have achieved top 10 rankings among management schools.

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