Most Popular Types of Holi Festival Celebration in India

Holi festival is the most colourful festival of India, celebrated in a different way by every region. The most famous holi celebration are Barsana holi,Kumauni holi and rest of India holi.

Braj Ki Holi


Braj region of India includes Mathura, Vrindavan, Barsana and Nandgaon. Traditional Holi celebration can be seen only here and celebrated for almost 1 month. Lath mar Holi of Barsana is the main attraction and become a major tourist destinations of the region.

Kumauni Holi


The Kumaoni Holi is celebrated in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand, It is a historical and cultural celebration. Holi is one of the major festival of Kumauni people and known for its uniqueness and last for almost two months. Kumauni holi celebrate in various forms of musical gatherings and known as Baithaki Holi,Khadi Holi and Mahila Holi.

Bhojpuri Holi

The Bhojpuri region celebrate holi with a lot of energy and excitement with colors, mud and consumption of bhaang. bhojpuri style holi is known for its way of celebration, folk songs are sung at high pitch and people dance to the tune of dholak.

Haryanvi Holi

Haryana is famous for its kind of holi known as Bhabhi-Devar Holi. Apart from the Dahi Handi, Bhabhi Devar Holi is very popular type of Holi among all the types of Holi celebrated in India.

Bengali Holi


Holi is known as Dol Purnima in Bengal and Orissa, celebrated in most sophisticated style by using dry colours. Shanti Niketan organize a special function on Holi and celebrate using song, dance and musical instruments.

Ranga Panchami


Maharashtra celebrate Holi in different way, color celebrations take place on the 5th day after Holika dahan and known as Ranga Panchami. Dahi Handi sport is the major attraction of the states.

Manipuri Holi


Holi in Manipur last for more than 6 days and celebrate along with Yaoshang festival. Raasrang Holi Utsav is major attraction of the region, Manipuri dance, one of the major Indian classical dance forms also known as Rasa Lila performance takes place.

Holi in Goa

Holi is the part of Shigmo spring festival, one of the major festival of Hindu’s in Goa. It contains traditional folk and street dances celebrated by farmers, the labour class and the rural population. Holi is also celebrated by tourist in Goa with lot of excitement.

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