Raksha Bandhan -The Bond of Love and Protection

India is the land of festivals, all the festivals has its own importance. One of them is Raksha Bandhan is unique gift of Indian culture. Rakhi is a traditional Indian festival which is celebrated during the monsoon by every states of India with various ways and styles. Raksha Bandhan is also known as Rakhi festival is one of the most famous Indian festivals. Rakhi festival is the eternal bond between a brother and his sister for love and protection.

Sisters apply tilak on forehead of her brothers, tie a holy thread called “Rakhi” to the wrist, do arati than offers sweets and pray for his good health and long life. A brother has to offers a gift and promises to protect her in return. Importance and Significance of Rakhi festival in India is to protect your sister throughout the life. This festival also has very important social significance in terms of respect of women.

The preparation for Rakhi celebrations begin before the actual celebrations. People started shopping new dresses and delectable items. Many days before for this festival, shops start selling Rakhi in different colors and design. Brother who are far away from their homes like Indian soldiers also enjoy this festival by missing the celebration with family.

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