Tattoos & Piercing: Body Art in India


Tattooing has been one of the trendiest ways to give a face-lift to your personality. Tattoos or body art is the hot and latest fashion in India. Now a days every youngsters getting tattoos done on the various part of body, it becomes profession for the artist. Many beginner artists  are purchasing equipment to become a tattoo artist. Tattoo can be temporary of permanent it depends. Tattoo or  Body art is not new in India, Indian used Mehandi or Heena for tattoo hands & feets, its temporary but effective for more than a month.

Some time back tattoos are usually associated with lower cast or tribal people but now its become trends and a tribal fashion for youngsters and Bollywood stars. Bollywood is one of the major factor to promote body piercing and tattoos in India. Most painful spot for a tattoo based on the body.

However, with the rising demand of tattooing, it have the risk factors and the safety concerns as well, one such being skin infections. Its not necessary that every person, who impressed tattoos will suffer form skin infection but it can’t be ignore.

Body Piercing

Nose piercing and ear piercing have been a part of the culture and tradition in India,Though nose piercing didn’t originate in India, it was bought to India in from the Middle East. Nose piercing is very attractive, In India usually ring is worn in left side. Piercing of other parts of body comes from Western culture. Septum piercing is also in culture of Rajasthan states of India.


Nowadays piercing of other parts of body is gradually increasing and is  socially acceptable in India.North India is on fire to promote this hot trends in India. Delhi and Mumbai girls has no fear to pierced her body parts. Many celebrities and models  have their body pierced.

Types of piercing

Some popular and fashionable types of piercing are 1.Nose piercing 2.lip piercing 3. Navel piercing 4.Eyebrow piercing 5.Tongue Piercing 6.Septum piercing 7. Bridge piercing 8. Nipple Piercing 9.Hip Piercings 10. Tragus -Piercing

Tattoo and piercing shops in India:There are currently around 40 tattoo and piercing shops listed in India. Most of them are in Delhi.Here is list of few tattoos and piercing shops in India.

Tattoo Walla  — Delhi
Redz Salon and Tattoo studio –Mumbai
Sabbys Tattoo Studio — Pune
Talisman – A Tattoo Boutique — Chennai
Commercial Tattoo Citi –Bangalore
Bits Tattoos — Kolkata
DN Tattoos — Ahmedabad
Inkspiration Tattoos — Visakhapatnam