Claims on Your Life Insurance – LIC Claim

Life Insurance Corporation is under the ownership of Ministry of Finance – Government of India. LIC is the most selling life insurance in India and has 22 departments, settled 26 million claims in 2018–19 and has 290 million policy holders.

Basic Information for Claim Intimation

  1. Written Application
  2. Policy Number
  3. Name of Insured
  4. Date of Death
  5. Cause of Death
  6. Place of Death
  7. Proof of Age
  8. Name of Claimant
  9. Relation of Claimant
  10. Nominee I-Card
  • Medical certificate/ Police FIR/Post-mortem Report – In case of accident.

Documents Required for Claim Processing

  1. Original Policy Document
  2. Death Certificate
  3. Any Other Document
  4. Claim Forms Issued by the insurer

Claim Form

a) Claim Form B – Medical Attendant’s Certificate to be completed by the Medical Attendant of the deceased during his/her last illness

b) Claim Form B1 – if the life assured received treatment in a hospital

c) Claim form B2 – to be completed by the Medical Attendant who treated the deceased life assured prior to his last illness.

d) Claim Form C – Certificate of Identity and burial or cremation to be completed and signed by a person of known character and responsibility

e) Claim form E – Certificate by Employer if the assured was employed person.

Death Claim Form (Form No.3783) –

Please contact nearby service branch/agent for more details.

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