How to Transport Bike by Train

Indian Railways offers two ways to Transport your bike by train, As a Luggage and As a Parcel. Before you transport your bike, you must have documents including bike RC paper & Insurance copy and your valid ID Card such Aadhar card, Driving License or Passport.

1. As a Luggage

In order to Transport your bike as a Luggage, One has reach the railway station railway station 3–4 hours earlier, Visit the Parcel office and get the procedure done by paying for your bike as luggage and get the challan slip.

Packing – You have to get it done in front of you by paying extra.
Bike will Travel along with you in same train.
You get the bike as you reach the destination.
Bit expensive as compared to parcel method.

2. As a Parcel

The parcel method another good option and 25% less costing than luggage method, As a parcel you have to book 2–3 days in advance. Visit the parcel office and pay for parcel and get the slip and packing of your bike will be done by agents of parcel office.

Packing charges are 300 to 1000 INR.
Parcel will be sent by any train to destination.
May take around 2-3 days – as per distance.


Transportation of bike in train as luggage means, you can take bike along with you as your luggage in the parcel van and just your need is a confirmed reserved ticket, AC or sleeper does not matter.

Fuel Tank?

Make sure you empty the fuel tank.

Bike Damaged?

Yes or may be not, depends upon how you have get it packed.

Procedure is very simple and sending your bike by train is cheapest means of transportation, Road transport will cost you 7000 to 10000 INR depend upon the distance.

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