Procedure to Withdrawal EPF By Nominees

Provident Fund Organisation offers Universal Account Number (UAN) a 12-digit number allotted to employees contributing to EPF. The UAN will help in easy transfer and withdrawals of PF claims online or offline.

EPF Claim Procedure

An Application for the withdrawal of PF by Nominees
Nationalised Bank’s Passbook of the Nominees

Documents Required

  1. Death Certificate of member
  2. Bank account proof [Cancelled cheque / Passbook] of beneficiary
  3. Date of Birth proof of beneficiary

Download the PF Withdrawal Form from the link.

Apply for EPF withdrawal online by beneficiary.

Locate EPF Office in Your City.

Read the instructions on the site, UAN number is a required field and beneficiary should known UAN of member. Beneficiary should have a valid mobile linked with Aadhaar number, Bank account and list of documents required.

PPF Claim Form

PPF Form G is made available to the nominees to make a claim for the PPF account in case of the account holder’s demise. As part of the process, the nominee must submit PPF Form G along with the details such as-

  1. Account holder’s death certificate
  2. Succession certificate
  3. PPF passbook
  4. Letter of Indemnity
  5. Affidavit
  6. Letter of Disclaimer on the Affidavit
  7. PPF Form G
  8. Signed acknowledgment of receipt of the PPF amount
  9. Re. 1 Revenue stamp attached to the form

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